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Europe Stand Together!

To Order and Destruction on all European servers:

Monday 27th July, 7pm UK time / 8pm Server time:

Europe Stand Together!

Every Destruction player log a Magus on into Inevitable City.
Every Order player log a Shadow Warrior on into Altdorf.

Stand together for 30 minutes.

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I’m a bad goblin…

I have a manticore. It’s nice. It flaps its wings when I fall to my death (doesn’t actually save me from any damage but it looks cool) and it runs ever so slightly faster than the other mounts (which is great for running away!).

As well as these fringe benefits it also lets me infuriate the high level guild members who like to strut around in IC showing off their armoured mounts (by strutting around in IC showing off my winged mount ;)). But there’s a trade off – having one of these little beasties gets you an unending torrent of /tells (or /whispers or /sends or whatever you call them) – with people desperate to know how you got one…
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Mythic: Stand and Deliver

Well Mythic seem to have gone ahead and put 1.3.0b live. Its interesting how fast they turned this around after putting it up on the PTS. There was barely enough time for the Magus community to point out their devs had mistaken a single target spell for an AoE before Mythic blasted ahead and deployed it. What I personally take from this is that Mythic weren’t interested in feedback, only in checking that nothing was particularly broken this time out.  I’m trying to keep a straight face as I type the words ‘particularly broken’. The Magus has never been brilliantly effective. Want to know how it looks now? Some initial feedback from our US cousins:

Not pretty.

Mythic about now should be posting about how exciting this patch is. Its probably the kind of excitement that requires Leonard Cohen songs to fully express.

Its not live in Europe yet, I would expect that to happen tomorrow. It would be foolish to think Mythic don’t listen to feedback. ‘Listening’ of course is not the same as ‘acting upon’. Sanya Thomas has posted a very interesting article recently regarding feedback:

To the average Magus player, there has not been a single promise fulfilled. Always marginally effective, we’ve had to put up with vague promises and delivery dates from Day 1. A minor patch late last year brought our dreadful DPS up to just under par DPS and we were expected to make do.

This is how you treat your customers? Seriously, you think this is GOOD business practice? Enough talk. Enough bland videos with bad sunglasses. The jokes are getting old and stale. STAND AND DELIVER.


1.3.0b PTS Has Concluded

“Our Game Update 1.3.0b Public Test has come to a close, and Warpstone is currently down in preparation for the launch of 1.3.0b this week.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 1.3.0b Public Test. Your feedback and contribution is much appreciated.”

So it looks like they are going live with 1.3.0b as it is.


Memoirs of a Maniac Magus: Part 5

This is one of those moments that it will be extremely hard to fully convey. Anyway, here goes…

We’d been running around a large part of the evening generally just causing trouble. We were running as a warband but just going with the flow. We wander into Dragonwake after locking Praag and decide to go help at the west keep. We killed an awful lot of Order but were eventually beaten back when they produced a rather frightening number of people. All good. We reform up at Covenant of Flame and wait for the inevitable attack. I grab a coffee (yes coffee, not beer). Just as I get back to my PC, Order arrive at CoF.

Game on.

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The Big Six Zero

Got to RR60 yesterday late afternoon at around 39 days /played…

…and had a hoot. There is so much more flexibility as to what you can do with your character just by having that one precious extra mastery point. I forsee me spending much of the next few weeks respeccing a lot while I tweak and fiddle as much as I did when I was around rank 40 and desperately trying to find a spec that didn’t have pitiful damage output. At the time that wasn’t possible as it was before the first patch post-launch of WAR but it was very helpful later when I finally settled on Changing to have tried different (and sometimes crazy) things out.

Possibly for the first time ever I feel my toon is making an effective and useful contribution to the team, rather than being the cripple that is brought along out of sympathy. Many guilds openly admit they wont tolerate a Magus that is not pure rift spec. I can’t speak as to other classes but RR60 is a seriously major landmark for anyone playing a Magus. I’ve kinda ambled there in a casual way. The irony I find is that its easier to play. If you spec for the big spell on 2 mastery paths you effectively cut out all the toys below them that you might spec for, thus resulting on less buttons on your toolbar. The upside is that the tactical options available are biggies.

I’m glad to have achieved this pre-nerf so that I have something to compare to when it hits. I don’t think there is a Magus player in Europe or America that isn’t seriously considering the status of their subscription.


1.3.0b Patch Notes

These have been posted in the GOA discussion forums today:

Balance Changes

  • The radius of the following abilities has been decreased: Coruscating Energy, Daemonic Resistance, Fiery Wind, Flames of Change, Roiling Winds, Tzeentch’s Grasp, Warping Energy
  • The damage and radius of the following abilities has been reduced: Daemonic Infestation, Daemonic Lash, Dissolving Mist, Glean Magic, Instability, Pandemonium, Seed of Chaos, Surge of Insanity, Tzeentch’s Firestorm, Warpfire
  • Agonizing Torrent: Decreased the ability’s radius and increased its damage.
  • Chaotic Rift: The distance players are moved when they are affected by this ability has been increased.
  • Daemonic Scream: This ability will now hit players in a line in front of them.
  • Infernal Blast: Decreased the arc, radius, and damage of this ability.
  • Magus player responses here…

    and here

    One comment that intrigued me was that if Mythic really were standardising AoE then Magus AoE would be brought on par regarding range and so forth in the same patch.

    I will confess I’m really struggling to hold back on saying something more scathing. Perhaps I’ll wait until we see the effects of the changes on PTS and live.

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