By Dormir

Flimgoblin’s Gimps

I have many gimps but mostly I’m playing Gruntled the Melee Squig Herder (40/31)  and Glamis the Smite Zealot (levelling up as we speak) on Karak Hirn (the bestestest server there is, btw)

Roo’s Gimp – Roo


Dormir’s Gimp – Dormir Rezzalot

The Gimp I would like to introduce is Dormir the Runepriest. In the WAR of Alts he was the first Gimp, Altus Primus, if you will.

He has just entered T3 and stuck until he finds a mate that will help him kill stuff, it takes SO long.

Dormir is a healer and although my playstyle on him mostly consists of hitting random heals while clicking on people who need healing in the Squared addon I believe I do an ok job of playing him.

In other MMO’s I have always started with a Ranged DPS class, then moved to a healer, and then ended up playing a tank. This time I started with a tank, got bored, and now I am enjoying healing in WAR a lot!

Come say hello to me on Karak-Azgal if you feel like it!


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