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Squig bait

So, I’ve been hearing that these here Shadow Warriors are a bit gimpy…

I’m not convinced that it’s not just the elven blues (elf players whine more – scientifically proven, 8 out of 10 cats agreed with me when I bribed them with cat food).

So, I have created one on Karak Azgal to see if it’s gimpy enough for me to play, and am a mighty level 5 already. However I’ve noticed one glaring thing that shows just how big of a bias the devs have towards order…

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Get orf moi laaaaand!

Something has been niggling at me about WAR, and it wasn’t till I read a post by Michael Hartman on brighthub that I realised what it was.

Note that I don’t agree by any means with everything Michael says in his article but one thing stood out and made me think “aha! that’s it!”.

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I’m a bad goblin…

I have a manticore. It’s nice. It flaps its wings when I fall to my death (doesn’t actually save me from any damage but it looks cool) and it runs ever so slightly faster than the other mounts (which is great for running away!).

As well as these fringe benefits it also lets me infuriate the high level guild members who like to strut around in IC showing off their armoured mounts (by strutting around in IC showing off my winged mount ;)). But there’s a trade off – having one of these little beasties gets you an unending torrent of /tells (or /whispers or /sends or whatever you call them) – with people desperate to know how you got one…
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WARCommander v0.6

Wish I’d picked a cooler name back when I started this 😉 but hey I’m stuck with it.
(I guess it’ll do).

I’ve just uploaded WARCommander version 0.6 beta to curse – has a few new features.

1. Automatic waypoints if you have MapMonster Navigator (toggleable)
2. New config window (finally)
3. Separate channels for orders and alerts – you can have your “Spotted enemies” go on /2 and your “Attack this!” go on your warband channel
4. Automatic channel changing in scenarios (will use scenario/scenario party by default)
5. Support for land of the dead and all but three non-event scenarios (still got Grovod, Reikland Hills and Logrin’s Forge to sort). Support for cities and city scenarios. (it already supported all of t1-t4 open rvr and all of the scenarios t1-t3)

Get it here:

Comments/suggestions/bug reports all welcome.


Ooh treasure!

Looks like there’s a treasure hunt for land of the dead goodies.

Mythic and GOA have been sending out packs to websites with bits of bone, maps and stories…
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Holiday in the Sun

Dispatch to Griffon Command: Evidence of Greenskin activity in Nehekaran Ruins.

Letter discovered in southern part of Necropolis. No greenskin taint found prior to this. Assume destruction forces moving faster than anticipated. Manuscript spattered with blood and what looks like food. Translation seems shoddy work, much nonsensical. Suspect translator may be chaos sympathiser. Will investigate later. If translation not done to mislead there is some strange and worrying terms in manuscript. Continue reading ‘Holiday in the Sun’


might as well face it…

I'm more of a metaller really
I’m addicted to mods…

No, no, not that kind – WAR mods – I’ve gone and written another one.

Roleplay Filter

This is a remake of the daoc command /rpfilter – which lets you translate the gibberings of the average loltxtm8spkr into something legibile:

e.g. turn “lol” into “most amusing”

Much room for other comedy such as turning “heal pls” into “Don’t heal me ever I’m an idiot” or “Flim” into “That gimp” (back in daoc for some odd reason I always turned “imo” into “forsooth” – easily amused I guess)
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