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Hi! Welcome to War of Alts, the European Blogging collective specializing in playing gimps!

Theme of WoA
This blog started out as “my blog” but I soon realised that I am not funny enough to hold your attention for very long. Luckily I have learned to compensate for my lacking sense of humor by having friends who have an abundance of it.

So, in came Flimgoblin and Roo! (and I’m working on more!)

The thing with these guys is that they hadn’t started blogging yet. When talking to them they told me they had held back on starting a blog because they weren’t sure they’d have enough inspiration to keep it updated enough. This is where the idea came from to share a blog, surely between the three of us it should be possible to have some content up once every week or so.

By the way, to prevent any kind of drama in the future, I fully expect both Flim and Roo to realize how cool and easy blogging is within a couple of weeks of “joining” WoA. So if any of them want to bugger off and start their own blog that would be a win for the Blogospere, and not a loss for WoA!

About the Authors of WoA:

Flimgoblin – Professional Gimp
Once upon a time my gibberings were kept safely within my head and only occasionally voiced aloud or passed on in a limited way through the intertubes to my online friends. The madness was contained, safe, dormant. But all that has changed now thanks to Dormir and this blog – I can infect the world… muhauhauhauhuahha!

Graduating from MUDs of yore to Dark Age of Camelot, skirting around WoW for the most part and ending up in the land of Waaagh! I’ve been a world builder, a council member, a beta tester, a guild leader, a slayer of dragons and a forum moderator. But most of all I’ve been a gimp: Smite clerics, crossbow armsmen and melee squig herders find their place amongst my alts – I even managed to play a tank pilot in a game about mechs. My purpose has been to find the path least travelled and dash headlong in…

Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about the strange things I find…

Roo – Soon to be the last active Magus in WAR
Its amazing what you can do with test tubes these days. Nobody ever tracked what happened to the clone in the Dolly the Sheep groundbreaking experiment. Well, now the world can be told. But someone else can do it, Instead, I’m here to tell you about me. I have a 6th sense for gimpness. Dark Spirit Master back in DAoC, Warlock in WoW (though in fairness they quickly became top of the food chain shortly after launch for quite some time) and now a Disc Driver in WAR. Not many people realise that the disc of a Magus doesn’t actually float. There are 4 elephants supporting it and they rest on top of a big turtle. The only reason you don’t see them is because the graphics engine doesn’t support it. But they are there. Trust me. Like a certain wizzard who only had one spell in his head my friends and realm buddies know me for only one spell – the Fluffy Pink Cloud of Doom.

In DAoC I’d organise the odd relic raid and even odder events such as the Midgard Olympics. In WoW I organised a few large scale battles such as the Battle at Shimmering Flats and The Great Ironforge Bank Robbery but the highlight for me was that a long time before there was any reward for attacking enemy cities we pulled off killing all the city bosses in all the Alliance cities in a single night versus defenders that meant it. While these World PvP events seemed a neat idea a lot of people got annoyed at me because these ripping wheezes just crashed our server. Repeatedly.

Now its time to break stuff in WAR.

Dormir – Born again Altoholic
Dormir is a born again Altoholic. A couple of characters of decent realm rank in DAoC and a couple of Epixed out (pre-lich) WoW chars are pixelated proof that at some point he was trying to be hardcore, but those days are over. Real life, work, being engaged and having other hobbies have turned him into an Alt0holic. He’s loving every minute of it!


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