Get orf moi laaaaand!

Something has been niggling at me about WAR, and it wasn’t till I read a post by Michael Hartman on brighthub that I realised what it was.

Note that I don’t agree by any means with everything Michael says in his article but one thing stood out and made me think “aha! that’s it!”.

Realm pride, defending the realm, or “For arthur!” as the 8v8 l33t-club would sneer.

In Dark age of Camelot – if I logged in and saw that Caer Benowyc was in enemy hands I’d think “hmm, that’s not on, might go help kick them out.”
If I saw that Caer Boldiam or Renaris or one of the other inner keeps was in enemy hands I’d be rallying the alliance (assuming they weren’t already out there) to defend/attack.
Albs inc!
To be fair if all the frontier was taken I’d be thinking “oh…” but if someone suggested retakes I’d be up for it.

Attacking enemy keeps was fun and all but it never had the same draw that “holy **** mids at Renaris!” had.

Cut back to WAR: we have zones that get locked and fought over – technically the two zones on either side of the middle belong to their respective realms but it never feels that way – Caledor isn’t “moi laaand!”, neither are Black Crag or Chaos Wastes (heck in CW the enemy have a warcamp closer to IC than we do…). If the enemy are beseiging Spite’s Reach it’s just another keep, one of the two in the combat zone of the hour.

Bring back the concept of territory – remove the zone locks so that we can fight over the whole frontier at a time, remove the warcamps in the enemy zones (or restrict the ability to fly to them based on keep control). Suddenly Caledor, Black Crag and Chaos Wastes are the heartlands of our empire, the battle lines would shift based on the ebb and flow of the battle not based on how long one realm can camp out the battle objectives…

There would be opportunity for a deep behind-enemy-lines strike: awkward to set up with the travel time but adding a whole new dimension which just isn’t present at the moment. Currently the T4 endgame is almost exclusively a case of cramming two big zergs into the one zone and hoping you brought more guns to the knife fight.

If the leaked 1.3.1 patch notes are close to what the real ones will be then it sounds like they’ve sorted City fights out (barring what happens when the new system is in contact with the playerbase of course :)), leaving Fortresses as the obvious toothache to be tackled next – but the rubbishness of Forts isn’t the only problem – they may just be a symptom of the current T4 zone locking system.

Lets hope Mythic take a look at the whole system next, and can give us a little bit of our realm pride back. I want the news that “Order at Thaugamond Massif” to fill me with anger and zeal to defend, not with indifference.


3 Responses to “Get orf moi laaaaand!”

  1. 1 Roo Stercogburn
    August 7, 2009 at 16:32

    We’ve been discussing this subject the last few weeks on voice comms. I agree that there is no sense of ownership or realm pride regarding keeps. They are too generic and there is less value to keeping them than to just trading them for lots of points for both sides.

    Back in DAoC there was a lot of realm pride amongst a large chunk of the population. That does not exist here in WAR for whatever reason.

  2. 2 Cor
    August 18, 2009 at 07:53

    Andy Belford on the official forums about the redesign of the forts:

    “We’ve never shied away from the admission that we are willing to decouple fortresses from the campaign. Right now one of our goals is to remove areas of extreme frustration for our players. And like Jeff alluded to in his letter, we have some pretty cool, and what I’m betting are going to be very popular plans for those detached forts. It’s all about the realm pride baby. ”

    Let’s wait and see what they plan to add some “realm pride”

  3. August 18, 2009 at 22:07

    Hmm, wonder if they’re going to bring back relics.

    I hope they get rid of the zone locking (tier locking is probably cool but zone locking should go, it’s so artificial and IMO a big part of what makes WAR feel like it’s just a game with maps and not a virtual world )

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