The Big Six Zero

Got to RR60 yesterday late afternoon at around 39 days /played…

…and had a hoot. There is so much more flexibility as to what you can do with your character just by having that one precious extra mastery point. I forsee me spending much of the next few weeks respeccing a lot while I tweak and fiddle as much as I did when I was around rank 40 and desperately trying to find a spec that didn’t have pitiful damage output. At the time that wasn’t possible as it was before the first patch post-launch of WAR but it was very helpful later when I finally settled on Changing to have tried different (and sometimes crazy) things out.

Possibly for the first time ever I feel my toon is making an effective and useful contribution to the team, rather than being the cripple that is brought along out of sympathy. Many guilds openly admit they wont tolerate a Magus that is not pure rift spec. I can’t speak as to other classes but RR60 is a seriously major landmark for anyone playing a Magus. I’ve kinda ambled there in a casual way. The irony I find is that its easier to play. If you spec for the big spell on 2 mastery paths you effectively cut out all the toys below them that you might spec for, thus resulting on less buttons on your toolbar. The upside is that the tactical options available are biggies.

I’m glad to have achieved this pre-nerf so that I have something to compare to when it hits. I don’t think there is a Magus player in Europe or America that isn’t seriously considering the status of their subscription.


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