Memoirs of a Maniac Magus: Part 5

This is one of those moments that it will be extremely hard to fully convey. Anyway, here goes…

We’d been running around a large part of the evening generally just causing trouble. We were running as a warband but just going with the flow. We wander into Dragonwake after locking Praag and decide to go help at the west keep. We killed an awful lot of Order but were eventually beaten back when they produced a rather frightening number of people. All good. We reform up at Covenant of Flame and wait for the inevitable attack. I grab a coffee (yes coffee, not beer). Just as I get back to my PC, Order arrive at CoF.

Game on.

They made a half-hearted push to the door and seemed to generally mill around at maximum caster range. The outer door slowly began to take damage.

We formed up some of our warband inside the outer door and got ready to run out for a laugh. Out we went and managed to time it (more by luck than anything) when the Order warbands were distracted by something towards one of the posterns. We caused some trouble and racked up some kills, barely making it back to the keep with our skins intact when the main part of the Order zerg spotted us.

Back to our positions around the battlements. Order are by now just outside of caster range from the keep. So, I decide I’m going to go outside the front door and just stand there.

Down to the outer door I go and step out and issue a laugh. I /lol again.

Almost as one, Order turn and leave the area.

It was another of those falling about laughing moments on voice comms. Now I’m sure that my timing was completely by chance that I stepped out as they decided they were going to switch zone but it was an incredible moment to stand there in the archway by myself and see them all turn and leave – I’d expected to get a stampede of annoyed stunties and their friends chasing forward to splat me. No, Order left the zone.


1 Response to “Memoirs of a Maniac Magus: Part 5”

  1. July 20, 2009 at 09:29

    Nerf maguses! /lol of death!

    Oh hang on, think Mythic heard me there :p

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