1.3.0b Patch Notes

These have been posted in the GOA discussion forums today:


Balance Changes

  • The radius of the following abilities has been decreased: Coruscating Energy, Daemonic Resistance, Fiery Wind, Flames of Change, Roiling Winds, Tzeentch’s Grasp, Warping Energy
  • The damage and radius of the following abilities has been reduced: Daemonic Infestation, Daemonic Lash, Dissolving Mist, Glean Magic, Instability, Pandemonium, Seed of Chaos, Surge of Insanity, Tzeentch’s Firestorm, Warpfire
  • Agonizing Torrent: Decreased the ability’s radius and increased its damage.
  • Chaotic Rift: The distance players are moved when they are affected by this ability has been increased.
  • Daemonic Scream: This ability will now hit players in a line in front of them.
  • Infernal Blast: Decreased the arc, radius, and damage of this ability.
  • Magus player responses here…


    and here


    One comment that intrigued me was that if Mythic really were standardising AoE then Magus AoE would be brought on par regarding range and so forth in the same patch.

    I will confess I’m really struggling to hold back on saying something more scathing. Perhaps I’ll wait until we see the effects of the changes on PTS and live.


    12 Responses to “1.3.0b Patch Notes”

    1. July 17, 2009 at 09:28

      Ware the nerf bat…

      This is a tricky one.

      All AoE is overpowered compared to single target damage on the same class – how many Havoc spec Maguses have you seen in the past? Not many – because their AoE lines do the same (albeit pitiful) damage but to many people at once.

      What ability do I use on my squig herder when fighting a single opponent? My single target headbutt? no – I use my focus pbaoe because it does pretty much the same damage, and if anyone comes to help it’ll catch them too.

      BW’s with aoe get to instagib 9 people at a time instead of 1.

      This patch is trying to balance:

      Magus AoE vs Magus Single Target
      Engineer AoE vs Engineer Single Target
      BW AoE vs BW Single Target

      But it’s going to be a very very very tricky job for Mythic to get people to see it that way.

      To almost everyone posting on the forums this a patch about them not only nerfing BW/Sorc but nerfing the little guys just as much.

      Nothing has really changed though:

      pre-patch: BW AoE >> Engineer AoE
      post-patch: BW AoE >> Engineer AoE

      However both of them are doing reduced damage, which means a bit more survivability when you’re in the cloud of death (on either side)

      Now they just need to fix the ridiciulous disparity between the BW/Sorc and every other class – start with their mechanic. Either reduce the benefits or increase the penalties. The massive damage increase comes at the cost of self-damage. But it’s an inconvenience at most for your average PUGging BW – and entirely ignorable for a BW/Sorc in a premade.

    2. 2 Roo Stercogburn
      July 17, 2009 at 12:52

      I can confirm some of the changes to Magus are up to 30% less DPS on some spells. I was rather shocked to confirm this for myself when I’d expected it just to be hysterical whining.

      However, its only the first trials on the PTS, Mythic often make changes after the first public tests.

    3. July 17, 2009 at 13:32

      AOE just had to be brought under control. They had the correct relationship in DAOC and to go completely the otherway in Warhammer is beyond me.

      Seriously to start out with these figures from the start showed they had forgotten all the lessons of DAOC.

      As I said in my own blog once or twice. In DAOC you had to be drunk at the keyboard to die from AOE. But it had it’s uses if you could bring a lot of focused AOE or needed to interupt a lot of people.

      If AOE is chosen over a single DD on a single target, then there is a balancing issue.

    4. July 21, 2009 at 08:24

      I’m a bit annoyed they removed the %age scaling from this patch though – that’s a big part of fixing the game.

      If ability A starts with delve 200 and ability B 300 = you’d expect ability A to be worse than ability B by a reasonable amount when you add in lots of stats.

      But what you end up with is ability A hitting for 900 while ability B hits for 1000.

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