You know when you’ve had a goal for a while and it gets really close and suddenly time seems to slow down and its like you’re wading through treacle to get that last bit of the way to your target? Whether its a long journey home or the last few points of xp to get a toon in an MMO to cap level the feeling is the same. Anticipation and mild frustration as your goal is teasingly close. You’ve put in the time, you’ve done the work, you just. Want. To. Be. There.

Recently, someone made a post on WHA to post your /played…


Considering I’ve been playing since the game’s release I shuddered slightly when I thought of how relatively not-far I’ve gone in the time I’ve been at it and then I went and looked ingame at my /played. At the time of the thread, I’d just hit renown rank 59… then I saw my /played relative to other people and didn’t feel so bad. In some ways its quite low but then I don’t do any PvE dungeoneering type things unless I absolutely can’t avoid it. I did all that in WoW, I’m in WAR to rip off heads and piss down the throats of pixelated player enemies.

So currently, I’m just over halfway to Renown Rank 60 on my gimpy disco diva. The big deal, which is obvious to anyone who plays WAR a fair bit, is that at 60 I can spec highly into 2 separate trees for the best non-morale abilities, albeit at the cost of sacrificing any fun abilities below them. This has been a goal of mine since I learned that it was possible because I always felt that it would be a great chuckle to have Dissolving Mist and Tzeentch’s Firestorm, even if just to try it out then say “Bah, its crap” and go back to something else. I know some Magi like to run with Chaotic Rift and Dissolving Mist as a combo, which certainly sounds rather fun and very nasty for 6v6 set groups.

So in spitting distance as it were is a goal I’ve had since the beginning. And every time I try to log on the old gimp something happens. Things kick off at home that need attention, or work, or… no healers in the warband and I need to log on my ickle zealot for the good of the warband.

Edging…slowly…painfully…closer. That last half a renown rank.


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