That was the day that was

Well the big news in the World of Warhammer is the announcement from EA of some ‘reshuffling’.


I can’t claim to be sorry. There are some very poor design decisions that were  allowed to go through to the final release version of  WAR, most notably the appalling mess that is city sieges. Hopefully, Mythic (and hence WAR) will do well out of this reshuffling.

Back in my smaller world of Warhammer, I’ve completed the remixing of the music for the Karaoke version of Manaic Magus, cutting out the intro stuff and going straight to the main meat of the track. So less badly shot video to have to tolerate and all new sarcasm.

I’ve also started the groundwork for the next  video, with one music mix complete (a slightly psychadelic version of something fellow nerds everywhere will recognise)  and a second awaiting what I laughingly think of as vocals. Its a good job this stuff is comedy. I didn’t gather any video last night during Operation Burning Ring. Since a large chunk of my gameplay during those events is sitting in a keep talking to people I didn’t see much point to recording. We managed to get around 15 warbands out and about, which was good fun. Shame the game still can’t handle truly epic battles but it was a very fun evening’s open field RvR.


1 Response to “That was the day that was”

  1. June 25, 2009 at 13:34

    Interesting, lots of doomsaying and the likes on the forums, but assuming the subscriber numbers don’t suddenly plummet I can’t see WAR suddenly being shut down and abandoned and their staff smooshed into Bioware…

    Josh Drescher confirms that it’s no merger on his blog:

    Though I totally posted Biowaaaagh! on WHA and FH before his tweet :p
    (I want royalties! 2% of everything he makes from that blog, imo)

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