Closing in…

Spent a large chunk of this evening messing around with the Maniac Magus video stuff. I reckon I only need to put in about another 20 seconds of footage and it will be complete. Typical really. I decide to make a gaming vid and then for over a month get hardly any play time. Figures. Of course some of my video attempts were less than successful. I’d look at the screen in amongst lag wondering if I’d hit record or not. Then spam the button a few times and realise it had been recording all along and I had cocked up a nice sequence.

While tootling through the vid was semi watching various comedy on TV and enjoying a few light refreshments. Well, we don’t want to take this type of thing tooooo seriously, do we. Thinking on it, I don’t foresee anyone accusing me of having been sober putting this together 😀


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