Operation Bubblegum

Another stupidly named Operation executed last night. This time it was mostly an in-house affair, rather than trying to get everyone on the server out. We had all the guilds from the Evil League of Evil along and a guild called ‘Muppets’ who we bumped into in Praag, friends from back on Karak-Hirn. We fought our way along the Chaos/Empire zones and with a bit of cunning, managed to one-shot Reikwald Fortress.

It might seem odd to bother to raise an event just to get a fort these days but there seems to be a lot of fort-related problems primarily due to guilds and alliances not able to effectively get balanced warbands into the zone, resulting in a very large Not Fun factor and a lot of frustration. The heads have gone down and people just assume it cannot be done under current game mechanics. Which is nonsense really.

I think it was worth doing just to make the point.


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