Holiday in the Sun

Dispatch to Griffon Command: Evidence of Greenskin activity in Nehekaran Ruins.

Letter discovered in southern part of Necropolis. No greenskin taint found prior to this. Assume destruction forces moving faster than anticipated. Manuscript spattered with blood and what looks like food. Translation seems shoddy work, much nonsensical. Suspect translator may be chaos sympathiser. Will investigate later. If translation not done to mislead there is some strange and worrying terms in manuscript. Particular worry is ML5. Is this code for some sort of new weapon? Mustn’t underestimate greenskins. Insane and disgusting beasts but cunning.

Walter Kleinbruck, Witch Hunter

Attached Letter:

Journal: Holiday, day 1

Well, it’s that time of year – time to book your flight and sail off to a sunnier place. Somewhat bored of the ever changeable weather in the Inevitable City, I decided to take a trip south to somewhere absolutely guaranteed some sun.

There was a terrible queue at the Flight Master, however a short jump into squig armour and a “Kaboom” sent the majority of it falling to the depths of the city, leaving a quick check-in with the flight master before we boarded our airship.

After a long and grueling two minute flight (I have serious load time issues) we arrived at our destination – the fabulous land of sun and sand, and this year’s most popular tourist destination: The Necropolis of Zandri.
My travelling companions: Helestir the Sorceress, Slaphead the Black Orc and Rynngob the Shaman all alighted from the balloon looking a little worse for wear but soon recovered enough to inspect the duty free. (Suspect this is goblin humour or mistranslation. Two minute flight not possible. Takes months from Altdorf and IC is further north. – WK)

First time travellers beware – the duty free shop here does not take your standard gold or silver coins, instead asking for a curious local currency of “Scarabs”. So, our hopes for a quick stocking up of our favourite stolen elven wines and stunty beer kegs were rather dashed although there were many trinkets and curios that caught our eyes to buy on the return trip as souvenirs. (Curios could be code here. Sounds like new trapped soul weapons found on Destruction warbands – WK)

NativesAfter our ears had had enough of the sound of haggling we took a trip through the great gate down towards what our tour guide called “The Temple of the Grand and Mighty Sedjet” or something along those lines. At this point we were attacked by a number of natives – I should point out that this region is suffering from an awful lot of political unrest at present. There are many who oppose letting any foreigners into the country at all and it was a group of these which tried to ambush us shortly after we left the camp. Given the look in our tour guide’s eyes we should have possibly suspected him as a sympathiser a bit sooner.

As it was – this was as close as we got to “The Temple of the Grand and Mighty Sedjet” – our guide told us that we must visit another tomb close by first – the Tomb of Nekh Akhet – once a powerful Warlord servant of the Vulture Lord. Upon arriving at this tomb, however, our guide cast off his disguise as a simple animated skeletal tour guide and declared (with the usual pomp and circumstance these baddies always do) that HE was in fact the immortal Nekh Akhet, servant of Nehekari and doomed to forever guard the roads into the Necropolis.

Our tour guide - Nekh Akhet
Needless to say, it was a short battle. You would think these tour-guide-come-muggers would learn not to pick on groups of well equipped adventurers (especially not ones with squigs). In his tomb we found some gold, a few of those scarabs that the locals use as currency and a rather nifty spear which I’ve taken for myself.

Obelisk of Judgement
Deciding not to return to the Temple of Sedjet (I hear it’s just a load of pictures of snakes anyway, how boring) instead we took off towards the nearest landmark. A massive obelisk sticking out into the sky. Unfortunately on approaching the ground began to rumble beneath our feet and an army of skeletons began to rise up.

I think we may have pissed it off...
Excellent, a scrap! we thought and started smashing up the skeletons. It seemed to us that the Obelisk was powering them back to life – almost as soon as we knocked one of them down a beam of blue light would shine from the top of the Obelisk and the skeleton would slowly pull itself back together and stand up again. Helestir threw some choice insults in the direction of the Obelisk and it responded with a beam of dark energy. “Hah! That tickles! Is that all you’ve got?”, shouted Slaphead (our Black Orc – not always the brightest) as the beam bore down upon him. At which point the Obelisk fired three beams of black energy and started burning up anything on the sand.

The river is most definitely not safe to drink.
At this point we felt we’d seen enough of this Obelisk and decided to retreat back a ways (the skeletons didn’t follow, nor did the laser beams) and explore further down the road. Next on our list of “must see sights” was the Quay of Seftu which apparently has fantastic views along the river as well as a bar selling all sorts of drink. Very relaxing. (Have since investigated. No sign of bar mentioned. More greenskin humour? – WK) As we ended our descent from the carrion-infested hills towards the river, Slaphead declared “Last one in’s a snotling!” and galloped headlong towards the river on his trusty boar. Now every good traveller knows they should take bottled water with them when visiting foreign climes (there are all sorts of blessings of nurgle in store for those who don’t), however nowhere is this more true than the Necropolis. We heard an almighty “splash” as Slaphead made it into the water, followed by some terrified snorting noises (whether made by the boar or the black orc – I do not know) and a rather nasty *fizz* sound. Thankfully Rynngob was able to request a favour of Mork and our (somewhat chastised) Black Orc was fished out of the river before he’d been completely disintegrated.

The view is rather nice
Arrived at the Quay of Seftu and much to my dismay there was no bar. I think my guide book may be rather out of date. Instead we were greeted by another party of explorers who screamed “Man the siege! Move quickly!” at us as we arrived. It wasn’t long before we understood their panic – from the north and the south two legions of undead were marching upon the Quay. Thankfully some ancient Nehekaran siege weapons (installed to defend the Dock from invaders in older times I guess?) were still in good working order. A few blasts from those and our usual mix of arrows, spells and “big choppin'” made short work of those armies.

Waving goodbye to the Quay of Seftu we headed further southwest, skirting around the base of the giant pyramid (we’ve got a guided tour of that tomorrow, wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise by sneaking in a peek too early) towards the “Tomb of Kem Semef”. My guidebook tells me there are beautiful sculptures and paintings of scorpions on the walls of this tomb.
Does my bum look big in this?
Arriving at the location on my map we were surprised to find no tomb but a giant hole in the ground. “Cheearge!”, yelled Slaphead and dived in, leaving us with little choice but to follow.

It's true though - this place reminds me so much of ML5We found ourselves in an underground tomb – lots of interesting sculptures and paintings as described in the guidebook however there were also very large and very real scorpions in the tomb. I found myself unable to stop thinking about another place I had visited and was about to voice my thoughts on the similarity to ML5 (What is this? Code? – WK) when I spotted the remains of the last person to have made that joke… I felt it would be better to keep quiet on this occasion.

It's actually part of the PQ - the boss scorpion debuffs you, and this cures it.
Having had our fill of scorpions (both carved and real) we decided to make our way back out to the hole we’d jumped in from but as I stopped to sample the local booze we were suddenly thrown to the ground by the arrival of a giant scorpion. (At which point I decided I’d rather not see another scorpion for a very long time).

Rocked us like a hurricane
This angry beast did its best to cut me in half with its pincers but thankfully the luck was on our side this time and in short order we had subdued the beast. Our efforts to climb back out of the hole by using the scorpion’s stinger as a ladder didn’t quite work out, however, leaving our exasperated Sorceress to yell “FOR THE FIFTEENTH TIME, HOW ABOUT YOU TRY THAT LEVER BY THAT DOOR?”. Which we did – the door opened – and we were back outside.

Our next destination was the Tomb of the Moon – not a lot written in our guide book, not that it had been of any use in the past. Helestir mentioned something about the glyphs on the outside glowing strangely and decided she didn’t want to enter but Slaphead, Rynngob and I decided to explore. Much like all the other tomb’s we’ve visited there were stacks and stacks of gold, interesting trinkets and other treasures lying around the place. As I’m writing Slaphead is busy juggling some golden goblets (and dropping them of course).

Rynngob has just found a chest but the lid’s too heavy – will probably take all three of us to lift it. I’ll sign off the journal for today and …

… the remainder of the parchment is covered in blood and is unreadable …

Need wards for this dude I think :) and probably more than 3 people.
Our archmage has captured an image of the tomb that we found this parchment in – WK


4 Responses to “Holiday in the Sun”

  1. June 7, 2009 at 18:55

    Silly story made short:
    Went to the Necropolis on the test server with a group of alliance folks.

    Did some PQs, found some bugs (there’s a few still) made Slaphead jump in the river so I could film it (he ran in of his own will the first time…).

    Unlocked enough to go to the Tomb of the Moon, but Slaphead’s only got a couple of lesser wards so we died pretty damned quick 😉

    Good fun though. Great fun if they can sort out the remaining bugs (e.g. the Sedjet temple wasn’t working – the cask despawned and the harpys that grab you have some interesting pathing – I was stuck unable to move for a minute when it decided to fly inside a rock :()

    New weapons are interesting – you get a weapon with 2 or 3 talisman slots (depending on if it’s 1h or 2h) – and there are a number of high powered short duration talismans you can slot in them (souls) – can’t slot them in normal talisman slots though.

  2. 2 Borgio
    June 7, 2009 at 20:44

    Bah sorry we both couldnt stay Flim, good ole Network probs

  3. 3 Bleri
    June 8, 2009 at 05:59

    Nice story looking forward to re-subbing when LoTD comes out.

    Are load times relative to the number of Tome of Knowledge entries?

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