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Lag down?

It might just be possible that the hated lag in WAR is reducing. Going by my own experience over the last couple of nights it definately has, though as a player without any server-side data to crunch its difficult to nail down if its conditional based on number of players in zones or such or some other transient factor.

I read a post that if you reduce your chat log to 120 lines it helps a lot. I did this and it probably has but I don’t have any definitive proof that this made a difference. Regardless, I’ve noticed since returning after my time away that lag seems to have noticably reduced in general. It is still present, sometimes crushingly so in forts, but in oRvR and even in Altdorf when it was fully populated 2 nights ago I was moving around mostly lag free instead of the 10-or-more second delays we used to get. Even the worst Fort lag had eased off from “Nerdrage-making” to merely “Dreadful”.

These are good signs that things are moving in the right direction for WAR on the technical side but there’s still a fair bit to do, especially in the afore-mentioned forts. I’m relatively pleased with what I’ve seen in large scale RvR the last 2 nights from that perspective. The only proviso is that I’ve not seen a particularly huge Order response in T4 to the massed warbands of Destruction on Karak-Norn so my subjective comments may not be entirely accurate. Time will tell.

The current hot potato is the problems with aura twisting from Chosen and Knights of the Blazing Sun as when the lag hits their damage auras seem to go rather mental. Discussion on the various forums is at best described as ‘heated’.

I managed to get a little more video last night, but not a whole heap. This phase of The Project may take longer than I’d hoped. Its all good though as it gives me *even* more excuse to play 😀


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