Its always shocking to hear your own voice recorded, even more so when there is allegedly a tune involved. Anyway, all the music for Maniac Magus is done. Starting on the video editing today. Last week I recorded about 40GB of play time but so far have only dredged up a few seconds of useful material. Happily, since The Project is not about being uber or anything this isn’t too much of a problem.

I must take the time to shout out to Zno, who has been very helpful in showing me a few tricks I would not have sussed and for pointing me at the tools I needed for the job. Examples of what he gets up to can be found at http://www.z-no.org/  – very dark and often minimalist material. I’ve heard some of the stuff he’s working on for an upcoming album and its really very good. An example of his work can also be found (of all places) on YouTube with some excellent audio work he did on a video project http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybEjyGmVub8

Not for the squeamish or those with short attention span.

So.In-game footage needed. I’m still on the lookout for anyone that has video that could help since it will speed up The Project immensely. It has been very hard to sit at the mixer working on this without alternately cracking up laughing and cringing ,which probably means I’m heading in the right direction with this.


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