Is Nerdrage The Real Cause of Global Warming?

Going by forums, the answer is probably yes. One feels like rambling today and by golly one shall.

I think I’ve worked out the chemical that causes nerd rage: Testosterpeen.

Given how highly strung a large part of our community is, I wonder how many of them will make it to 30. Or in some cases, 12.

Going around the forums after Winds of Change was introduced into the test environment then subsequently withdrawn, you could see who tracts of gameplayers getting hosed with testosterpeen. I mean, ok, it was a really bad idea and somewhere there is probably a mad dev laughing like a loon at the responses. It was probably a slow day in the office and mischief made itself known.

The GOA mods have been busy too. The General Discussion area on the official forums is turning into a bit of a Bermuda Triangle. Rant threads are sinking faster than Gordon Brown’s chance of ever being center spread in Playgirl (yeh that image will stick in your head now, no sleep for you tonight buddy!). I do rather love the indignant “BUT I WASN’T BEING HORRID” type posts from people who have threads deleted right after they’ve been very horrid indeed. It makes you wonder what they have to do at home before it gets above radar with their parents.

“Son, look, sacrificing auntie’s Jack Russel in a satanic rite means you have to do the washing up the rest of the week. Oh ok I can’t stay mad at you, just don’t do it again.”

Neighbour: “Your daughter just machinegunned my entire garden gnome collection!”

Parent: “Yeh, she does that.”

In fairness thats a bit ambiguous that one. Garden Gnomes should be C4’d, never machinegunned. The experienced person always saves the ammo for the owners of said Garden Gnomes.

On that subject… who makes Garden Gnomes? And why? And why do people spoil perfectly good landscapes with those eyesores. Its like someone wakes up one morning and decides that not only do they want to be a social outcast they decide they’re going to advertise it. Garden gnomes seem to be owned by very odd people, the type of people that perhaps do their gardening in Biohazard suits. Like one of my neighbours.

Putting Garden Gnomes outside your house isn’t daring to be different, its not going to mark you as windswept and interesting. Garden Gnomes mark an exclusion zone more effectively than the British Navy did to Argentina. It removes all doubt that the owners are People To Be Avoided. They probably have really tedious hobbies and lots of pictures of it.

Going back to our errant posters, the assumption made above is obviously that they have parents or still live at home with such. Many people defy social convention and never leave home. From what I can see on forums sometimes this is probably a good thing as I don’t see any positive outcome from some elements of the community roaming the outside world without supervision.

I don’t want to quote particular forum posts and am avoiding such. I don’t feel a need to put anyone under the spotlight and be horrible to them. There has just been some particularly vigorous posting from some more afflicted with testosterpeen, which in an MMO community these days is quite an achievement really for it to be noticed above the normal ambient whine.

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