Cautious Approval

After the craziness that was last weekend’s Mythic update, GOA have issued a bonus for all players for this weekend.


This won’t silence the GOA-haters but it does rather stick a big cork in the larger barrelled guns some are aiming at them. I for one think its a good sign of how GOA have improved over the years. I’m not going to let them off the hook completely because that would be unfashionable so before we get too excited, we’ll just say “Flash” then move swiftly on.

Now that I’ve had a week to play 1.21 I have to say overall the game mechanics are much improved. As the old Wet Wet Wet song says, “Lag Is All Around” but at least its not as butt clenchingly bad as it was in the previous patch.

I’m still unsure as to whether to renew subs or not but at least the swingometer isn’t firmly in the red.


<clears throat>

Lag Is All Around

By Lag Lag Lag


I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Lag is all around me
And frames-per-second slows

They’re whining on the forums
It’s everywhere I go
(oh yes it is)

So if you’re really lagging
The server software blows

You know I’m Lagging, I always will
The battle’s up by the
Time that I move
There’s no beginning,
There’ll be no end
’cause on my Lag you can depend

I see your face before me
As I’m lying dead
They lagged straight through the tank wall
Wiped our healers instead
(oh yes they did)

You brought your warband to me
And I brought mine to you
And then we all just stood there
Like statues always do
(Oh yes they do)

You know I’m Lagging, I always will,
My hands are numb just from
Mashing the keys
There’s no responding,
There’ll be no nuke
This frakking lag is gonna make me puke

Please let me start to move
Or this game’s getting binned
Oh everywhere I go, yeah, oh well
So if you’re really lagging, lagging, lagging
Come on its really slow
Come on its really slow
Come on its really…
(soz m8s lag, sec, relogging)…

Come on and let it (come and let it show, baby)
Come on, come on, come on FFS IS REALLY SLOW BABY
Come on its really slow
Come on its really slow, baby
I’m gonna mash the keys now


[You have been disconnected from the Server]


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