Operation Operation: Altdorf 20/4/09

Monday night, Karak-Norn Destruction launched Operation Operation, possibly the most ridiculously named raid ever. Almost Orcish in its simplicity. Not a landmark event in any way as many people on many servers have sieged cities often.

 We started pushing zones around 1pm UK time. We had all 3 end zones by around 5pm and hit Altdorf around 9:20pm I think it was. Today’s play highlighted again some rather large flaws in the ‘end’ game, some of which is related to stability in the current patch.

 Atrocious lag in the zone prior to fort as soon as people started flooding the fort zones. In Kadrin Valley it looked like people were breakdancing as they juddered around.

 We had 3 zone crashes on Shining Way elf fort and 4 crashes in Altdorf which I think kicked everyone out of every city instance. It looks like as soon as a PQ timer hits zero then the city instances go boom.

 For me personally there were a few ironies – after putting in the time to messaging people and arranging things in advance and being online the whole time I didn’t ultimately get a chance to directly take part in either fort. I also struggled to get into the city itself and alongside my Destruction comrades spent a lot of time outside the city queing. And queing. And queing.

 Both forts fell within seconds of each other although the zone updates were a bit further apart. I’d like to claim we planned that but really it was the Shining Way crashes that caused delays that while we were locking Kadrin.

 This may seem cynical but I wondered if Mythic were aware of some of the flaws in the current patch and released it anyway because they wanted the live event code out on schedule. I believe they thought they could get away with it and hotfix their way out of trouble.

 I think Mythic should apologise to the players and to GOA. Any company that pushes out this level of dreadful coding has some serious quality control issues and personally if I worked for GOA I’d be firing rockets up Mythic’s ass for forcing my staff to pick up the pieces.

 1.21 has some very nice and welcome changes, but in terms of quality of coding it is shocking. GOA were fast to offer an extra day’s play in compensation and this is appreciated, but the core issue is still with the quality of software code that gets pushed out.

I’m sure over the coming week there will be more patching but it would be better if Mythic focused more on releasing quality updates than trying to stick to some schedule.

City sieges also need a complete overhaul. They’re anti-climactic in the extreme after one side or the other pushes hard for long periods of time and puts a lot of effort into coordinating large teams of people. That in itself is a separate discussion.

Land of the Dead will distract people from the feebleness that is city sieges but Mythic should take great care in future updates as they are not receiving any positive public feedback for their lackluster endgame and there is increasingly loud and frustrated criticism from the playerbase.

I have very mixed feelings about today. Warhammer feels like its nearly a great game and somehow keeps managing to just miss the target. I was pretty angry at a couple of points. During the repeated attempts on the elf fort it looked like the dwarf fort migh also crash.

On the community side of things, Mythic remain good at focusing people on larger goals than just shiny items and this I find far preferable to The Game That Shall Not Be Named. I like what they’ve done with zone rewards and such, and the continuing trend to promote teamwork where possible.

The quest for a more ridiculous name for a raid continues as does the mission to make Order as miserable as possible as often as possible (while everyone on both sides has fun of course).


1 Response to “Operation Operation: Altdorf 20/4/09”

  1. April 21, 2009 at 19:30

    I only made it online just as we locked Kadrin Valley… it was pretty hellish at the zone border (people stood perfectly still for 20s then vanishing as the lag caught up) no idea what it was like in the fortress but you could hear the server creaking.

    Was good to see the inside of Altdorf on a live server for a change, but something is seriously broken with Stage 2 of the PQs. Timer hit 0 and boom! there goes the city.

    I had fun despite the lag/crashes but it is disheartening and I’d find it hard to bring myself to go to the effort of organising a realm just to go through crash/lag/death again without some serious reassurances from GOA/Mythic that the problems are fixed.

    In between crashes I had a go at the scenario on my little chosen Makhail, now that it’s a 1-29 scenario. Really like that change – lets the little people take part in the city take, gets rid of the opted 40 groups in that scenario, and it’s totally insane.

    I also managed to get points of interest/zone data for contested Altdorf for WARCommander so it wasn’t all a waste 😉

    Roo – I forgot to collect for the scenario, so can you go open up Altdorf again for me tomorrow please?

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