Roo Does PvE (but please keep it to yourself)

Ok, I was quite impressed overall with Lost Vale. Its generally on par with anything in WoW in terms of size and scope. For those that haven’t been there, its basically an instance the size of a zone. I now understand why people were crying out for mounts to be allowed in there for so long.

Some of the encounters are rather fun. Spider boss in particular made me giggle, though that was as much from hearing my group-mates squirm as some of them *really* don’t like spiders as from any tactical considerations.

We did most of the 3 areas over 2 nights, only stopping on the second night on the Dark Promise Beast who seems to be horribly bugged. No matter what we tried he would religiously one-shot people in the group (usually me) – triple critting in ways that no healer could possibly heal through. We resorted to checking tactics on the intarweb which verified we were doing things right (or at least not too badly wrong). After an hour on Super Worm, we called a halt to the dungeoneering, rather tired and forlorn. 

I’ve avoided as much PvE as possible in WAR – although I quite enjoy the old mob content, there’s not much generally in WAR that hasn’t been done before and there isn’t exactly an exciting amount of variation in the mobs throughout the game world from what I’ve seen (anyone that has read my posts before will know of the disdain I feel towards the various elf areas and their utter lack of originality, variation or excitement). Some of the quests are good with the Greenskin quest lines shining above all the others. When it comes to dungeoneering, I’ve done my time in Bilerot and Bloodwrought but seem to religiously miss out on drops. Its a time sink where rather than chasing a low chance of getting an item I could use, I’d rather be spending my time making enemies miserable.

I make them miserable by being worth very few renown points when I repeatedly die.

I’ve enjoyed the lairs I’ve done, but again they are something I’d do between enjoying other stuff rather than something I would set out to do of an evening.

All this PvE stuff got me thinking about the dungeon content in WAR and something occured to me.

Remember the task dungeons in DAoC?

What if we had task dungeons in WAR that were similar to the RvR Scenarios. Give a group a timed mission to get through a task dungeon, scale the difficulty dynamically and then drop them in Nordenwatch, Tor Anroc, etc. Give them maybe 5 minutes to complete it. As well as training for the ‘real’ thing it would allow Mythic to reuse the instances and bring some PvE variation to the game while still keeping to the theme of WAR.

Further, you could have a chain of say 3 PvE scenarios and give a group a timed mission to get through them. For example, start with Nordenwatch, then Talabec Dam, then Serpent’s Passage. Give the team 30 minutes to complete all 3. Or scale the reward to the speed at which a team finishes all 3. Gold bag for each in the team if they complete in 20 mins, blue bags for 25 and green bags for 30 mins. Or, when the new token system comes in, an appropriate amount/level of tokens. Set the system perhaps so anyone can only do 1 chain per day.

Perhaps its my own bias, but I tend to feel in WAR that PvE should be something you squeeze in between getting stuck into RvR – something you can do for half an hour then get onto the main course of carnage and destruction. I might seem like a bit of an RvR monster the way I talk about PvE. I’ve done a lot of PvE in other games and ocassionally log on to batter the odd scripted beastie but generally in WAR the pull of the game is the hope of large scale tactical play and wading through dismembered corpses of enemies. Unfortunately, there are so many bugs in the various areas of WAR that wading through a dungeon when you encounter a mob that is taking out a group, you can never be completely sure if its designed to do that unless you find the sneaky tactic for that encounter, or if its a bugged mob that is misbehaving.

I don’t know when I’ll go back to Lost Vale. Its a large time sink for loot I don’t have much interest in. I’d rather be beating the snot out of the hated lackeys of Order in my recreational time.


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