Memoirs of a Maniac Magus: Part 2

…to post when you’ve had a few light refreshments <hic>

So lets see what I think of this in the morning…

Courtesy of some very kind and tolerant people in our alliance, tonight I went to Lost Vale. I’ve avoided and avoided PvE in WAR as much as I can. I got my magus goon to 40 relatively slowly because I did scenarios so much (bear in mind this was before the rewards for oRvR were brought in).

I was rather impressed with Lost Vale as a PvE zone type place to not die to enemy players. Apparently the spider boss kills people many times before completion and I was congratulated on getting him down first time but really it was down to the careful and patient explanations of our tank, Slaughtererer. Ignore the name, a very nice and fun guy to play alongside.

So we yomped through the most of the first 2 wings of LV, only the last boss in second to complete. I *tried* to stop myself turning mobs into horrors… but… you know … I just *had* to. I stopped before I got lynched but perhaps not as much before as I should.

We get done in LV just as … zzzz…. Order are attacking a fort again. Grrr. Will I won’t I will I won’t. I…

Feck it. They have to bleed. They’re on our turf again. What ensued was for me one of the funniest fort defenses I’ve been involved with. In fairness, I don’t think it was Order’s A-Team coordinated push. It was just guys pushing zones with generally superior numbers and they got to a fort. I’m not dismissing the getting there, just I am fully aware of what our worthy opponents are capable of when there are hardened and focused minds behind kicking forward.

Anyway, I putter off for Fort Defense (TM) and prepare to get smeared. First push from Order into Lord room delivers that experience. Rather than being the end, thats where the fun begins. Back to Black Crag warcamp I respawn and with 1 other of our alliance (Scarzz) head back to the Fort. We encounter a few Order on the way and a few Destro stragglers. We put down the Order guys. We move on. We get to the fort. We get put down. We respawn. Meanwhile the defenders in the Lord room have repulsed another push. We begin making our way back. We get embroiled in some minor skirmishing on the way to the fort which is honestly completely great fun. We encounter a couple of Order that start retreating north because a few more Destro have joined us again and are lookin for kills.

We chase them.

You know that bit in Star Wars where Han Solo chases a Stormtrooper around the corner and there are a *shitload* of Stormtroopers just standing there?

Two Warbands on mounts heading back to the fort.


What can you do?

Well. As a Magus…

…you can Pink, ahead of where they are running 😀

Dismounted nearly every one of them. Died very quickly but I was able to report on regional chat to the people still in the fort what was coming and the extra time they had, even if it was only a few seconds.

You might be thinking, thats the best bit. Its not.

So, back to my regular checkup at the spawnpoint. Good thing I get full medical with this job.

Off we go again. Up to the fort. The Order zerg has got into position below the Lord room and is forming up. There’s maybe 5-6 og us Destro made it onto the balcony corner out of sight of them. One White Lion, Phor, spots us and engages. His buddies don’t. We soooo should have been wiped. Phor plays pretty well but isn’t afraid to get stuck in, even without support from his team. We get him down.

I sneak up to the door and see a sea of red. Order are prepping for a push. I pink and run back around the corner. Nobody pursues. They probably think I’m pinking from the lord room. Fingers crossed.

Edging forward again I look around the door. The tanks are at the bottom of the ramp. Oh gods yes. Please.

… the tanks charge up the ramp to the lord room.

Being an annoying git in 3…2…1…

I charge in and pink the healers on the left then start insta-dotting everything in the room with complete disregard for anything resembling personal safety. I don’t do much damage at the best of times. This is the worst of times. It soooo doesn’t matter. Kite kite pink dot kite dot kite… dead. The Order healers are running around instead of doing what they should be doing. The Order team above are dying to defenders around the lord room.

Much giggling (of a slightly manic nature) on voice comms.

Its good to play Chaos and do what it says on the tin.


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