Danger: Biohazard

Am I the only one that finds it rather disturbing that my neighbour seems to do his gardening in a bio-hazard suit? I mean, WHAT is he planting?

Anyway, that aside, an interesting weekend in the World of Warhammer, or at least the European segment. Karak-Norn saw city seiges from both sides (though Order in Inevitable City is an almost daily event, the eye opener was seeing Destruction in Altdorf). On Karak Eight Peaks, Destruction managed to kill the king.

The Order players that had a shot at second stage city on Norn reported less than brilliant game play with warp speed mobs. A thread on it here…


Don’t be too surprised at the old rivalries getting in the way of observations.

Meanwhile on K8P, palpable success. Thread at


for a world first king beating. Apparently, kiting was the way forward. Mythic should license the Benny Hill theme tune methinks.

Where to go from here? Large gaps in the design of the city sieges and encounters are being brought into sharp relief now that server populations are placed to ‘enjoy’ them on a regular basis. I don’t believe WAR is anywhere close to dying but some very large inadequacies in the product are in the forefront of a lot of minds of paying subscribers.

Forced server migrations had taken balance problems from groups of servers and focused them on a smaller set of servers. Interestingly, the above mentioned city sieges occured on servers where there are very loud ongoing complaints of the imbalances that occured around migration time. While one would normally take these complaints with a pinch of salt (forums tend to be where the louder and more negative hang out), there would appear to be something in it. Order dominated K8P until migration time. Destruction dominated Norn until migration time. The migrations appear not to have balanced the servers, but shifted T4 RvR wildly in favour of the previous underdog. Note I’m saying T4 RvR and not the active server populations themselves. Its very hard to nail that down and its unlikely we’ll be seeing stats from GOA posted. On that subject, the server population charts available in DAoC and other games seems to be oddly lacking here. Hopefully it will be on the way soon, though there doesn’t seem to have been much discussion on the subject. Being slightly cynical, having it completely under wraps allows GOA to make decisions on our behalf without anyone being able to make informed observations on them.

As it stands T4 RvR on Karak-Norn is a dreadful shambles and not a rewarding experience in its current state. The die-hards on Destruction that won’t buckle are a pleasure to play alongside and I enjoy their company immensely. There is some of the Dunkirk spirit in play. The increasingly rare victories are a treasure.


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