Introducing WARCommander

I’ve always wished that WAR would include some “voice binds” ala Battlefield 2142 – they made it so that Voicecomms weren’t completely essential – your team mates could say “sniper over here” or “more ammo please” without having to type more than a couple of keystrokes.

Unfortunately we’re never going to get anything quite so sophisticated as enemy radar blips without Mythic putting it in the game but after my recent foray into the world of mod writing I decided I’d see how far we can go…

Thanks to the shoulders of some giants, it turns out we can get quite far. It’s still a beta but WARCommander is able to fire up map markers for ress requests, screams of INCOMING! as well as “Regroup at Dok Karaz in Thunder Mountain!” orders from a warband leader.

It does this all through the use of locations on the chat line – but I’ve tried to make it still useful to non-mod-users (4k east of Martyr’s Square is still reasonably meaningful even if you can’t just click a button to get a flashing highlight on it…).

Now I just need to stop pissing about with mod code and get in game long enough to try it out with a proper warband…


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