Unleash Your Inner Animal…

We had about 3 groups of Alliance in a warband last night ambling around T4 zones getting into bother and whatnot and found ourselves at one of those generic ‘prepare for battle’ situations.

On voice comms, I did a slightly animalistic “Grrrrr…” in the style of something fairly beasty but rather feeble looking forward to a fight.


“Right, everyone unleash their inner animal. Come on, everyone Grrr.”

Voice comms immediately became a chorus of animal noises with occasional chuckles. As it died down someone did a very catlike “Mieow” and that was it. We were all useless as voice comms erupted into laughter.

Good job the hated forces of Order didn’t know our entire warband was effectively disabled at that point.


1 Response to “Unleash Your Inner Animal…”

  1. March 27, 2009 at 08:01

    Lol! I love stuff like that. This is why Ventrilo rules!

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