Memoirs of a Maniac Magus: Part 1

So, two nights ago the daily farming of Inevitable City was in progress by Order. I had spent most of the evening with She Who Must Be Adored so I was rather late logging into Warhammer. Most of our alliance were already in a city instance and looking down the instance list there wasn’t much going on in the others – many Order in most city instances with almost no Destruction players opposing.

Choice time: go off and do something else (no RvR available anywhere which means PvE or alts) or go into one of the City instances. I saw on the list of instances 28 Order opposed by 1 (probably AFK) Destro.
In I went.

I started broadcasting for people to join up and managed to scrape together 7 more nutters and we went to work. I guess it was rather late into the evening. The number of loot-frenzied Order rose to 48.
Winning not being an option we took a more guerilla style approach.
Order quickly blitzed the first few parts of Stage 1 then were onto the PQs.

Thats when our fun really started. We set out to interfere, undermine and generally disrupt as much as possible with glee and no care for our frail pixelated bodies. Waiting until their tanks were engaged on mobs we charged in and I’d Pink ’em and Zedeki (sorceror) would drop Pit of Shades on them. They noticed us and at first I don’t think reckoned us to be much of a worry, confident we’d get bored and go away so they could continue farming.

Not us. We had some excellent healers and a few melee DPS / tanks in the group too. We began knocking their tanks off the city and into the abyss while they were fighting the mobs. We would AoE the treasure chest when they finished a PQ to interupt looting (don’t know if this worked). We sneaked around the other side and killed the AFK’ers. We killed stragglers arriving to join their buddies before they could get to the safety of the group. We attracted the more confident Order players towards us and played cat and mouse near our guards so they couldn’t quite commit to chasing us.

We had a whale of a time at a time when many players on Karak-Norn are complaining of having a terrible time for a variety of reasons.

This was one of the more spontaneous and memorable WAR sessions I’ve had. Most of the good stuff for me has been the large scale and coordinated multiple zone battles where we coordinate many warbands against Order on a large scale. This was a totally different type of fighting and very great fun, albeit not likely to be repeated. I think Order in future will make sure to collectively swat us fast if they see certain names appearing in small numbers in one of their city farming sessions.

One thing I wasn’t happy with was that many Destro simply didn’t want to enter the city, despite hanging around at the door. Everyone wants to win, but pixels dying in a game don’t really matter. Thats rather the point of it. I made a thread trying to encourage our lads ‘n’ lasses to be more inclined to get stuck in at http://www.warhammeralliance.com/forums/showthread.php?t=271379 . I had it at the back of my mind while we were having fun that I was going to try and use our maniacial playstyle to try and encourage our fellow realm-buddies to join in future. Heads are very much down on Destro Karak-Norn just now and it seems to be an ongoing battle to try and lift spirits a bit.

Don’t get me wrong,  it wasn’t all roses and sneaky sneaky kill win. We died a *lot*. And we kept coming back until Order left.



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