Operation Grünes Panzer

We did this last night and I think most everyone involved had a good time.

Primary Goal: Get the Karak-Norn and Karak-Hirn people working together properly, get some proper integration going.

Secondary Goal: Get a Fort, or more.

Moving realm as 1.2 hit was something of a community disaster for Destruction. Many difficult changes all coinciding. Heads are down, Order seem to have a larger daytime population and have been using it to maximum effect – by the evening when most of us play we’re on the backfoot big time. Yesterday was no exception.

I logged on yesterday afternoon and the Inevitable City was under attack. Blundered my way into an instance and joined in the mayhem. I wasn’t impressed. Not exactly an epic end game. Its a laggy PQ. And thats about it.

I wasn’t sure how long Order had been in the city at first, so my immediate thoughts were if it would push back the evening’s play or even stop it altogether. I need not have worried, about an hour later the zones were reset and we were on the offensive.

We noticed Order were camped around/in the keeps before the zones had reset. I think Mythic should boot everyone back to warcamps when a zone resets if they are in the RvR lake. The Order goons were camping and waiting for the zone reset.

I find it very tedious that Order on our server seem to play the game mechanics constantly rather than the game – always seeking an advantage by playing loopholes in the design. In this case it availed them not one bit. We got organised and proceeded to kick their asses in every zone in the game with a large measure of satisfaction thrown in.

Did the planned event work?

Yes and no. I spent most of the last week using my available in-game time to message people and talk to people on various voice comms. We worked out a new tanking tactic, which was refined further in the days leading up to Operation Grünes Panzer. It seems to work reasonably well, especially when combined with a few other details added by some of our tanks.

When we eventually got to a fort the lag was insane. 5-10 seconds per action. This needs to be addressed really fast. The nerd rage it is generating for once has a genuine basis in unacceptable performance in a service people are paying for. However, we discovered something that may help the devs:

We killed all the Bright Wizards and the lag all but stopped. Now, while some people will snigger at this what it showed us was that a large source of the lag is the AoE. Now…cast your minds back to DAoC. Remember Thanes and their hammers and the lag that used to engender? Anyone get the feeling the same crappy code has been hashed over for this? Who can say. Well, we know who can say, but the chances of them saying are about zero.

We didn’t get a fort in the end. The lag and the combined AoE from a lot of Bright Wizards killed it. Tanks were dying before healers could even get one heal off due to lag. We had to use sneaky tactics from our Sorcerors and Magi to even get close but by that time we were nearly out of time. On the last attempt we had one third of the people we had on the initial push – people were just sick to death of the lag and were either logging off entirely or going elsewhere for some fun.

I’m satisfied that we got so many people working together and that they did it in good spirit. That was what I wanted to see from Day 1 of landing on Karak-Norn. I’m rather less impressed with the game code for the end game. The end game should be something that gets the juices flowing and makes you excited to be a part of… and with the poor game code, Mythic are shooting themselves in the foot. People get to the end game very quickly. They then spend most of their gaming-life in the end game. The end game needs to be somewhat more impressive and inspiring than a laggy PQ in one of the cities with a different colour-palette.

I’m concerned that to give Order a reasonable fight it took a week of planning and harassing and chasing people, while Order give the appearance of simply having the numbers daily to log on and dominate the server on an on-going basis. This may be a misconception but it is the growing perception shared by many Destruction players on Karak-Norn.


2 Responses to “Operation Grünes Panzer”

  1. 1 Bleri
    March 20, 2009 at 19:27

    Well done for organising this. I had no prior knowledge of it going on but was pleasantly suprised when I logged on to find multiple Destruction warbands on the go.

    Sadly I couldnt take part in the Fortress lagfest with my level 36 character but had great time for most of the evening in a PUG warband. T4 oRvR has been a bit quiet Dest side recently and needs more of this.

  2. March 20, 2009 at 23:40

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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