Letting Rip

No, this is not about those cloth-busting farts. I did make rather powerful enchiladas yesterday. Though it was by accident I made them too spicy, I discovered a wonderful side effect – the rest of the family couldn’t eat them so there was more for me. Almost orcish in its selfish genius really, if only I’d meant it.

Gently ambling through Dawn of War 2. Really enjoying it. It still feels like Icewind Dale in Space Marine armour to me. Only playing the odd game here and there, not mulching it. Hats off to whoever did the music, its a perfect fit for the game and pretty darned decent in its own right.

So. Warhammer that isn’t Space Marines…

GOA have their official beta forums up and running. I’ve only had a quick browse but so far they look ok. I’m cautious on how I will comment on this because historically, web content has not been GOA’s strongest feature. However, if you look closely at the site, tucked away in the corner is a reference to Lithium, so GOA would appear to have brought in professionals to do the job.. or at least they bought the software and got their people something decent to work with. While it won’t silence the Flash-whiners (because nothing ever will) it shows improvement.

Meanwhile, back on Karak-Norn…

Things are not so great right now for Destruction on Karak-Norn. There have been all kinds of problems trying to get the native and immigrant communities working together. Nothing unexpected in that.

 Also, since patch 1.2, Destruction on our server are getting an utter drubbing daily. Usually before we’re logging on for the evening we’re immediately thrust into defending our second fort or as it seems, tonight Inevitable City. By all accounts horrible lag and very difficult for all to play in the city instances. Not there for it tonight, so can’t comment directly other than relaying the feedback.

So why letting rip?

Two areas. First, our wonderful realm:

The heads are down in the glorious realm of  Destruction on Karak-Norn. Not without reason in many cases. But there’s an element of wallowing going on. I’ve joined in some of the mutterings but its getting a bit old now. So I’ve taken the slightly dangerous route of shaking things up a bit both in our alliance on our internal forums, and on the Warhammer Alliance Karak-Norn server forums.

It could really backfire, maybe it will. But sometimes you need to nurture people and use the carrot. Sometimes you need to get out a big pointy stick and tell people its time for their enema. I feel this is one of those times. This of course ruffles feathers and can make one a bit unpopular. It can be hard to predict what will flush out.

It also is an excellent opening for those with, shall we say, ‘undermining’ agendas to go to work, those snipers that wait in the shadows holding their grudges but too afraid normally to voice them. A side effect though is these people are drawn into the open, which is also useful.

Second: Magus

Magus forums are like a hospice. Its a place where you need all your mental defenses to visit.

I’m finding my patience is wearing thin on the class balance for the Magus. I let rip on a few threads on Warhammer Alliance and felt much better. I don’t recall using the word ‘crap’ 4 times in the space of 10 words before. And here was me always thought I had a reasonable vocabulary.  Got it out of my system somewhat. I refer here to my feelings, not enchiladas.

I’d be interested to see official census figures on active classes. I’m betting Magus is the least played. I regularly /who all the classes and Magus tends to be about a quarter of the other classes. I would have thought this would start ringing alarm bells but being slightly cyncial about the current state of the game, the last thing Mythic needs right now is an AoE capable class surging in numbers given how badly they cocked up game balance in 1.2 with regard to AoE. Also, given the relatively low Magus population that means less people whining compared to other classes. Er, I mean discussing. Yes, discussing.

I don’t know about engineers’ turrets but the Magus turret pets need completely re-worked from the ground up. Bug ridden and mostly useless except as something to blow up to stun enemies. Prior to 1.2 they could shoot through walls and be irritating. Now they just sit there with their tongue dragging on the ground scratching their arse. With tongues like that I bet women would love to know if they can breath through their ears. Ahem. Moving on… Tactics, morale abilities, mastery spells. All have major issues and Magus players are not seeing a lot of hope on the horizon. When the list of classes getting closely examined next patch was revealed and Magus wasn’t on it there was a fair bit of nerd rage in the Magus hospice.

Being bottom of the food chain since beta is really not as much fun as people first think. Other than rift-bot, there is nothing that a squig herder or sorcerer doesn’t already do better. Dissolving Mist can control a battlefield to a degree, but it doesn’t exactly rack up kills or make people scared, and once aware of it, enemy healers can usually heal through it without any difficulty. Especially for Changing spec Magi, you’re vulnerable to having most of your DPS mitigated by enemy heals stacking and invalidating them. People are often fooled by big numbers at  the end of a scenario without realising that 500 damange to 10 people which is entirely healed still nets you 5k damage while not making any effective difference to proceedings. And so the numbers rack up and the illusion of being effective or even dangerous is maintained.

There was one great post though the other day, http://www.warhammeralliance.com/forums/showthread.php?t=265016 – not much of note in the rest of the thread, but the original post is brilliant.


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