A disquieting quiet…

Well most of the server-move related guild and alliance admin is done now and we even have a new guild in the alliance. Huzzah!

We’re starting the process of settling in. Lots of new faces*, different play styles, a strange mix of new and familiar all in one place. Generally speaking it has been great fun, despite all the hassle of moving.

 One thing has struck me as very different: the regional RvR chats are *very* quiet. There seems to be very little communication going on and in the whole time I’ve played there has not one single open warband. This is especially odd given the amount of people now hitting the RvR zones. It would appear that on Norn people run with their guilds or alliances and pretty much stick quietly within those whereas a lot of times us Hirn scruffs have open warbands for everything from RvR to picking daisies. (They were however VERY tough daisies).

No wonder the natives of Nornia are reeling under the barrage of loudmouth trolls that invaded from Karak-Hirn if they are used to a more peaceful environment. It must feel like posh people having the scruffy loudmouth cousins coming to live with them. You know, the branch of the family tree that one simply doesn’t talk about in polite conversation.

*Technically the same faces, just with different players behind the toons.


1 Response to “A disquieting quiet…”

  1. March 12, 2009 at 07:35

    I haven’t noticed this on Eltharion. Then again, I haven’t really been online that much. But I suppose the chatter on Eltharion is about the same as on Dragonback Mountains. Nothing is keeping you from starting a conversation 🙂

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