Nom Nom Norn

A very strange week in the virtual worlds of WAR which ended in a completely unexpected fashion. It started on Karak-Hirn and ended up on Karak-Norn.  Oh yes, and inbetween that I was told I should be dead (in real life, not game). Its been one of those weeks.

There’s been much debate, discussion and of course, outright whine about the server move and its suddenness. This is something I don’t think anyone wanted to see but here we are and for now at least Karak-Norn is where we plant our flag and pick a fight.

I know some people had trouble with guilds and characters but I found the moving process relatively smooth once a few preparations had been made although its still quite time consuming. There’s a few things that could be better that get highlighted when you do a move like this – the guild interface still doesn’t properly work and means lots of  /guildpromote, etc. The alliance part of the roster needs a serious make-over, its still as unwieldy as ever.

The Hirn and Norn trolls are already busy on the forums winding each other up, posting one-upmanship posts, inspiring as much annoyance and flame-baiting as they can. In other words, I think they’re going to get along just fine.

And of course I lost my in-game name. Waah. Not Waaagh. Just Waah.

One of the upsides is that last night as we were frantically sorting out guild and alliance, reinviting all the peeps that were transferring, we got straight into some fights in Praag, my favourite zone in the game. The number of people there was the kind of thing we only saw back on Hirn during a pre-planned event. If this is an indication of what to expect then this means a much healthier server to play on.

It will be interesting over the coming weeks to see how this move pans out. Initial signs are good but its too early to tell if we get a balanced population between Destruction and Order.


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