Dying to Dye

Woohoo…chaos black dye.

For a long time I’ve had those leeches mouldering in my bank vault. I rarely throw stuff away and keep ingredients/reagents just in case guildmates or alliance buddies need stuff. When I found out that with today’s patch you could turn them into black dye I was very happy.

Well…until I tried it. After gleefully ctrl+right-clicking stacks of leeches I had enough dye to return to my favourite colour.

Except I’d forgotten one key thing.

Some dev doesn’t allow Magi to fully dye their armour. We’re still about 60-70% blue no matter what we do. Arrrrrrrgh.

Why even bother dying stuff. If anything my wuvwy Magus looks worse than ever with patchy bits of black.

On the upside…finally …. finally … they fixed the ground targetting reticule. This was an insane-making bug thats been with us since a few patches ago. I can target where I want first time again rather than having to mess around targetting, cancelling, re-targetting, hoping. It works first time now as it should.

Oh, also on the subject of today’s patch, the Twisting Tower scenario is *the* best looking scenario in Warhammer to date. Kudos to the designers of this one, a lot of lessons have been learned from previous scenarios and its a very tight, fun place to fight.


1 Response to “Dying to Dye”

  1. March 4, 2009 at 20:32

    I really wish these guys didn’t take the scenarios out each time the live event ends though =P. They should put the scenarios in like once a week or something if they don’t want them available all the time. I miss reikland factory,

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