Having a moment

Last night I had one of my funniest moments in WAR to date. I was slightly the worse for wear (read: plastered) and logged on to be useless as ever. I got on Vent, seems the action is in Chaos Wastes, so I putter off there.

I arrive, join an alliance group and proceed to get the crap zerged out of us. It was good fun, because we were not out to achieve anything, just running around beating the snot out of stuff and in my case, getting  rezzed a lot.

So, we’re back at the Warcamp after one of the aforementioned beatings. There’s maybe 10 Destruction milling around at the guards because just out of range there is 1-2 warbands of Order camping.

You know the situation, you’ve been there before.

So, someone mistakenly on Vent says “Wish we had a tank to charge them”.

<— not a tank.

<— Charged them. (After reading the Vent comment, you knew this was coming).

Splattage is generally assured. No countdown to charge, no organised warband, nobody to run with me. This is the point at which I usually die, even in an organised push. My job is territory denial and I go for it with gusto, even though its guaranteed a rez required a few seconds later.

Order scatters and runs. Every last one of them. I’m standing there in the middle of where they all were a few seconds before, very confused. Our guys come out of the WC and mop up.

Raar. Magus tank ftw, etc. I’ve wondered what the Order players were thinking. “ARRRGH! Really bad dresser incoming! Run lads!” or “NOOO we don’t want your free RPs! Run lads” or “Ohhh butterfly, catch it.”

I can’t remember having a ‘moment’ like this since DAoC. WoW has had a good few chuckles but somehow didn’t seem to engender this kind of stupidity and unexpectedness. I like that WAR creates an environment where this kind of thing happens.

Anyway, enough babble, I’m off to find some nurofen.


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