Operation Snotstorm, a Footnote

A blog entry about Snotstorm has possibly been conspicuous by its absence on here but once I saw the number of threads on Warhammer Alliance I decided not to make much of it here for a few reasons.

One – the Destruction outing on Karak-Hirn on Tuesday 10th this week is already been fairly well documented , two – I am cautious about getting too excited at the results, even if I am very pleased. And three, I don’t want to look like a twat. There you go. Brutal honesty.

Actually, the thing that pleases me most about Tuesday’s events is not the Fort takedown itself, but the way in which the Destruction players on Karak-Hirn for the most part cooperated in good spirit and humour. We bumped into a couple of things for Mythic to sort on the way but to my mind, Warhammer still provides the most epic gaming experience around. Ironically, I missed most of it, as I was camped in the southern keep in Kadrin Valley for most of the evening coordinating things. One thing I will say that I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere is that I was aiming to get 300 players for this. With 10 warbands (240 players), a few randoms milling around and players in Tier 3, I think we must have got reasonably close to the goal of 300 but it would take GOA to confirm this, my perceptions have been known to be wrong before.

The ‘win’ for me  is the warm ‘n’ fuzzy feelings rather than the end result itself, I was braced for complete failure before the event as you can never tell if people will show up, let alone achieve results.

Even Flimgoblin was out sticking pointy sticks into things. (Screenie or it didn’t happen 😉 )

On Wednesday evening (last night) it seems the hornets nest we stirred up was out in full force as Order wreaked revenge on many of the RvR zones. Although I wasn’t around for this what it told me is clear:

The ante on Karak-Hirn has been upped. The communities on each side, Destruction and Order, are ready to engage each other in full scale coordinated war rather than the smaller scale alliance or warband efforts previously.

This is the war we’ve been waiting for.




1 Response to “Operation Snotstorm, a Footnote”

  1. February 12, 2009 at 17:14

    ten plus warbands, surely…

    Was good fun 😉 I’ll see if I took a screenshot of us holding order at the BO in eataine shortly before Snort brought over his force to take the zone.

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