Murder Night – All is fair in love and WAR.

One dripping human heart, would you like a bag with that?

For anyone lost what this event is about reading the official page here together with Pwnsan’s and Girl IRL’s guide should do the trick! There is also a Grabbag on the subject!

I like how they used the Warhammer lore in this case for an event with a real Warhammer dark flavour! From Wiki:

The holiest time of the year for Dark Elves is Death Night. During this night the Witch Elves rule the streets of the Dark Elf cities, capturing anyone they find (whether they are slaves or Dark Elves) and dragging them back to the temples as sacrifice to Khaine. The Witch Elves will even go so far as to break into houses, which has led to Dark Elf families barricading windows and doors during this night. On Death Night, the Witch Elves will also steal away a number of children. Girls captured like this will be trained to become Witch Elves. Boys are tossed in a cauldron of boiling blood. Those that survive are trained to be true adepts of Khaine: the feared assassins. As dawn breaks after Death Night, it is customary for those who lived through the night to make a sacrifice from their own household (usually a favoured slave or elderly relative) as a thanks to the Lord of Murder for sparing their family.

So far I’m having a blast with it so I’ll stop typing now and head back in game!


1 Response to “Murder Night – All is fair in love and WAR.”

  1. 1 Roo Stercogburn
    February 8, 2009 at 16:10

    I managed to gain enough influence in one night of carnage to take me nearly all the way to the epic gem at the end of the elite rewards. I’m not a psychopath. Nuh uh.

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