Zap Fizzle Giggle

Bad Weather and MMOs

Basically, this is a good time of year to laugh at golfers, standing in their hallways looking at their golfbags like kicked puppies because snow is preventing play. Thats not quite accurate. Golfers can’t play with their balls but puppies can lick theirs any time they want. I guess in winter its better to be a puppy than a golfer. Hmm. The rest of the year too when its put like that.

Moving swiftly on…

One of the things that MMOS try to emulate is the weather. As most of you will know from having played what they do is reduce your viewing distance for a few minutes and have white or translucent stuff fall from the top of the screen to the bottom while its happening and, with a few minor variations, this is pretty much it.

I was recently puttering around the various Warhammer zones between rezzes and thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be cool if weather changed the game world temporarily.”

"Ow, watch where you poke that thing, you don't want to poke someone's eyes out now do you?"
It could lead to changing the colour choices for zones when snow falls. For instance, in Black Crag it would like quite funky if there were areas of white generally if it snowed. And of course around the Orc/Goblin Battle Objectives you’d have patches of yellow snow.

The only place I wouldn’t like to see snow is the High Elf keeps. They are already searing white. I hate defending these places. By the time I’ve got up the ramp to the battlements my eyes are bleeding. I know it might not be in keeping with the rustic aesthetic but perhaps Mythic could place a Fusion Reactor in the High Elf zones so we can get some black snow / nuclear fallout on these places. The extra benefit is those pasty face elves could work on their tans while fighting for the zone too. Its win win.

Mmm thermo-nuclear elves. Nom nom nom.

Going back to the weather thing, there are more things that could add tactical variation to zones. Flooding, trees falling in storms. Trolls, spiders, traffic wardens, etc forced out of their caves. The occasional landslide.

Taking it a step further, there’s potential to add even more mayhem to zone mechanics. Make a Battle Objective a shrine to The Great God of Forked Lightning And Loincloths and have the controlling side able to generate a weather effect every 5 minutes somewhere in the zone and you’ve got the recipe for …well … very unhappy devs I guess …but mostly yet another way to introduce variation. A variation on mayhem but lets face it, we’re looking for epic here, not extreme ironing.

If we have random pools of rainwater around a zone and we have a lightning storm there’s even more fun to be had. Water and electricity is a combination that never gets old. At the BO have a map appear on the screen and a targetting cursor. Thats where the lightning hits, rather like a siege weapon.

Zap. Fizzle. Giggle.


3 Responses to “Zap Fizzle Giggle”

  1. 1 sneaksz
    February 6, 2009 at 13:52

    I’m down with this weather idea, and beer!

  2. 2 roostercogburn
    February 6, 2009 at 13:56

    Cheers for finding and adding the piccy Dormir 🙂

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