Blame the Healer is on fire!

Roses are red, Boom your dead. I mean WE's kill twice as fast as anyone else so they'd probably recite poems twice as fast as well?The Blame the Healer blog is very rapidly climbing to the top of my favorite blogs list! I just love the WAR eCards that dont has been posting!

The Witch Elf poem is particularly funny:

Roses are red,
So is your blood,
Give me a moment,
I’ll make it flood.

Sounds SO much like a WE to me!

See I would have made it: Roses are red, Stab you’re dead. I mean WE’s kill twice as fast as anyone else so they’d probably recite poems twice as fast as well? Oh everyone’s a critic all of a sudden!

The Ultimate Slayer Challenge!

I wrote earlier that I was a bit worried about the lore being bent for Slayers to be put into the game, I mean they crave their demise, dying a glorious death, and then being absolved of their dishonor, is what they live for. So dying should be a mayor thing for Slayers. I was going to play a Slayer already but now I will play it all that little bit more careful as I just love this challenge!


2 Responses to “Blame the Healer is on fire!”

  1. 1 roostercogburn
    February 4, 2009 at 12:41

    Hehe really liked the WE poem.

    Mmm Slayers seeking their own demise. Why is this different from other Order players? 😉

    I guess a Magus Valentines poem is in order…

    Roses are red,
    Order are blue,
    DoT up the buggers,
    And turn them to goo.

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