Slayer madness

I can’t wait for the Slayer to join the fight. This is going to be one fun class to play I’m sure!

Contrary to popular believe I don’t expect the Slayer to be the saviour of Order, or the answer to Witch Elfs. Nor do I expect it to be the end all be all class in the game. It just sounds like a heck of a lot of fun and I love Slayers in all the lore I read. I was worried about bending the lore to have 100’s of Slayers run around but it seems like Mythic has done a pretty good job at it.

To counter the berserk onslaught of the Choppas, the Dwarfs turn to King Ungrim Ironfist of Karak Kadrin, requesting that he put out the call for the Slayers to join the war effort. These doom-laden Dwarfs are among the deadliest warriors in the noble armies of Order, for they truly have no fear of death. In fact, it is death that they seek, for it is the only way that they can reclaim their lost honour. The Slayers fight with a wild ferocity that is matched only by their striking appearance. Covered in ritual tattoos and sporting orange-coloured mohicans, they are an unmistakable sight on the battlefield. Where the Slayers make war, carnage follows.


Arbitrary has some really good tips for someone to still sneak into the Age of Blogging: Start a Slayer and/or Choppa blog!

Also she has what must be the first in game screen shot of a Slayer in action. Seems like a bit of a sleepy class huh 😉


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  1. 1 arbitrary
    February 3, 2009 at 14:55

    ❤ Slayers!

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