What a week

I’m not even going to try to give a rundown of the past week. If you check any two or three blogs in my blogroll you’ll see others did a much better job than I could ever do at it anyway.

In short though I think the announcements are extremely promising and I am SO going to roll a Slayer. I always loved my Mercenary in Dark Age.

I was going to give a bit of an update of what happened in Warblogland but BoK has already done a very nice overview post.

I have posted a bit less then I would like that past week. It’s been a silly week in which I played hardly any WAR, not cause I didn’t want to but because I had very little spare time for it. I have more or less decided to stick to my Runepriest now till I hit late T4, just to make sure I don’t miss the T4 boat too much, I figure I can always alt later.

Luckily Flim has joined WoA, to keep the blog from not having any updates all week. Thanks for that Flim!

Age of Blogging is over now, lets see how many blogs are left in a month or two. It certainly are some exciting times for WAR!


1 Response to “What a week”

  1. 1 Flimgoblin
    February 2, 2009 at 00:57

    Shall definitely be a Choppa added to my list of alts 🙂

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