WAR of Alts expands! Introducing flimgoblin

Hammer of Banz0r ftw!Hey guys! I’m really excited to introduce flimgoblin. Some of you may know him from Freddieshouse (where he wields the mighty Hammer of banzor!

Flim plays mostly on Hirn Destruction which gives the blog a bit of balance as I play mostly Order myself. So with his occasional posts he will add a bit of Destruction Chaos to the blog!

I’ll let him introduce himself but I want to tell him: welcome to the warofalts blog flim!


1 Response to “WAR of Alts expands! Introducing flimgoblin”

  1. 1 Flimgoblin
    February 2, 2009 at 00:59

    In the spirit of the alts thing btw, I have:

    Melee squig herder
    DPS spec Shaman
    Healing spec Disciple of Khaine
    post level 10

    Smite spec Zealot (I’m still working out how… but the intention is there if not the possibility)
    Black Orc
    and a load more sub-10 so far…

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