The Urge to Play!

Empire in Chaos, it's good, pick it up.I was away this weekend and although I didn’t really see it coming at all I had a real urge to play WAR all weekend. Some days I’ll come home from work and not even think about it, but now, being away from my computer and enjoying a weekend away from it all I sometimes found myself thinking about a scenario I played a couple of days ago or about what new alt I should play to 15 and then abandon hopelessly again.

I am currently reading Empire in Chaos, which surely contributed in my draw towards the game and it is inspiring me to start writing fan fiction again. Problem with fan fiction is that 98% of it is horrible, and the other 2% is only really interesting for people who are well up to speed with the subject matter. And I am pretty sure I fell in the 98% category with my (mostly DAoC and some WoW) stories.

But I digress, so I am reading Empire in Chaos and I like it a lot so far. It really gives some body to the story of how the Empire got into the deep shit it is in in the WAR world. Because in the Warhammer world we know from the Fantasy Battle they have it bad, but not quite as bad as in WAR.

For longtime Warhammer fans like myself it really helps bridge the “gap” between the Warhammer world that was familiar to me and the slightly different Warhammer: Age of Reckoning world. But for people new to Warhammer it will be great as well to explain a thing or two and give the whole experience some more body.

While being away from the game I had some time to do some more thinking about possible new additions and changes that Mythic may put into the game. I’ll do a braindump of that tomorrow!


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