Great guide on RvR

One of the guys on MMOZone.nl (which also hosts the forum of my guild) has asked for people to give him some “link love”. Normally not something I would consider if it wasn’t for the fact that his guide WAR: Realm VS Realm for the RvR impaired is really good! I would have posted a link to it without him asking it and if he continues to write about WAR I will also gladly add him to the blogroll!

The guide is written from an Order PoV but I’m sure that any destro scum that reads it will be able to apply it to their side.

His 3 rules are:

Rule nr. 1 : “Never go after the big guys

And the big guys are, you guessed it (or not), the Greenskin and Chosen tanks. Yea they are impressive on the battlefield. You sure as hell can’t see past them. But for the love of god, don’t start smacking them while they are being healed by 3 people on the background.

Rule nr 2 : “Hold the line at all times”

Offcourse the enemy knows this tactic as well.
The most important thing to do when you’re being charged is to … hold the line. Breaking the ranks causes chaos, panic. People get desoriented, targets are lost. Some ‘key’ players/positions die and it all tumbles down like a deck of cards.

Rule nr. 3 : “The zerg will keep you safe”

Strenght in numbers.
How many times have you played a scenario and died. You wait for a respawn (15 secs or so). You respawn and yeehaa, lets get going. You arrive back at the front and you see, crap, only three other teammates there against an overwhelming party of enemies. But hey, death before dishonor right?

Head over to his site and read the full guide, it’s well worth it!


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