Paul does interview for Age of Blogging

Raegn over at the Fires of WAR blog has done an interview with Paul Barnett to talk about WAR: Age of Blogging.

Here is some of the things they discussed:

Raegn: What role does Mythic see blogs playing in the world of the gamer and the larger gaming industry? What value do you feel they have?

Paul: Primarily, they act as a means of condensing information and ideas from a VAST array of sources and present them much more concisely and conveniently. In addition, they act as an important advocacy mechanism for the players. While we try to maintain a good relationship with our fans, both in terms of praise and in terms of criticism and concerns, it’s always important for there to be neutral third parties that can help to make sure we’re doing our jobs properly. They champion the hobby, act as a sort of soul.

Raegn: What can an aspiring blogger do to get their blog noticed by Mythic?

Paul: [..]Most importantly, be about WAR. I won’t read a blog that requires me to wade through ten posts about games I’ve never heard of in order to read something about WAR. If I want general gaming news and blogs, I already have a full list that I consult. Don’t assume that if I post a reply its not me!

Read the rest at Fires of WAR.

Is it me or was that whole interview very unPaul like… he didn’t say anything outrageous (or funny) in that entire interview!

Still decent of him to spend some time on the Age of Blogging thing!

Any Euro players here who think someone should do an interview with one of the GOA monkeys? (and if one of the GOA monkeys is reading here, I mean monkeys in the nicest sense of the word, honest!)


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