WAR Expansion: Wishful thinking

Yitu wrote an interesting piece of theory-crafting about the next expansion for WAR (warning: German). And although my German is far from perfect I kind of read from it that he thinks a Kislev/Vampire Counts combo is most likely.(correct me if I’m wrong Yitu)

I agree with him, this seems a very sensible addition to the current armies in the game, but that doesn’t mean I like it. I can kind of live with Kislev for Order, it just makes a lot of sense, but the Vampire Counts? I mean just ’cause Mark Jacobs says he likes Vampire Counts doesn’t mean they should be in the next expansion, it’s not like he runs the place… oh wait, nevermind.

The other option he sees is Bretonia vs Skaven. I like that one MUCH better. See I have always been a fan of the Skaven, and although they never really align themselves with anyone they are firmly in the “Destruction” bracket. Just imagine the fun of playing one of those dirty little bastards!

It became a bit long to write all this all on the front page so more after the jump.

I’m not saying it’s a clear-cut case, for example the Skaven don’t really have any strong tanks. They can dish out a lot of damage but only absorb it through wasting large numbers of expendible troups, not very MMO friendly I guess. But the obvious solution to this issue is Rat Ogres! The player could, in stead of a Skaven, play a Rat Ogre, or it could become a petclass (a la Necromancer, in DAoC) that becomes untouchable when he “summons” his Rat Ogre. But considering the many bugs/problems with Necro’s in Dark Age, perhaps we should just stick with playable Rat Ogres.

Skaven Careers

I know there is about 203313 threads (give or take a few) and blogs about this and I have read loads of them. So some if not all of these ideas are probably blatently ripped from other people, but I still like to give it a go. The 4 careers could become:

Rat OgreTank: Rat Ogre
Mechanic: Rage, build up rage by taking damage (only). Spend it to enhance attacks by adding components like “builds extra threat” or “do x damage over x seconds” to them.

This would make the Rat Ogre a pure tank and not very capable of dealing out loads of damage. This would get countered by the fact that he can take a LOT of punishment before falling over, even without using a shield. Warpstone induced

MDPS: Assassin
Mechanic: Sneaking, build up rage by avoiding damage (dodge/parry etc). Spend it by adding components to attack OR to cast avoidance self buffs.

Effectively when an Assassin manages to avoid some damage he will then become harder and harder to hit. This should get balanced by the fact that he has to chose to use his Sneakpower for survival OR more damage, in fact when an Assassin uses his built up power to do damage he should get more easy to hit for a little while, making the choice really important.

Jezzails Sniper unitRDPS: Jezzail
Mechanic: Turret, call for a second Skaven with a shield (see pictar) to jump out of the shadows to turn into somewhat of a turret that can do massive damage but is rooted to the spot.

The Turret mode should add some damage but not too much either. The downside of not being able to move would get countered by the fact that the Jezzail can add a lot of utility to his shots, for example armour debuffs and snares. Perhaps if the Jezzail takes damage in this mode the “shield skaven” would die first. There could then be a cooldown (30 seconds or more) before the Jezzail can call another Skaven to take its place.

Healer: Plague Monk
Mechanic: Plague, heal friendlies by dotting/debuffing enemies and effectively draining their hp to the friendly target.

Most of the Plague Monk’s healing and damage should be area and not targeted.

The Zones

I’m not going to get into where the Skaven would start, I mean they live in the whole world, underground, perhaps a lot of their zones should be underground, right under the already existing zones!

Tier 1 – Underground tunnels
The Skaven player just got born and needs to kill loads of his brothers and sisters or else they’ll eat him. The whole of T1 should be about the Skaven fighting other Skaven, (and Order of course if he goes into Scenario’s). Skaven are a kill or be killed race that backstab to go up the ranks within Skaven society and this should be seen in the PvE aspect in Skaven T1!

Tier 2 – Underground tunnels and the first venture into the outside world.
Tier 2 should be about earning respect from your fellow Clanrats. There should still be a lot of Backstabbing going on but also some venturing out of the tunnels to kill some of the lesser races (Humans, Dwarfs, Elfs).

Tier 3 & 4 – Mostly above ground in exsisting zones
Tier 3 should be about realizing that the Skaven can benefit from joining the alliance of Destruction and T4 should be about fighting alongside them. Of course this is all on a PvE level. on the rvr level the Skaven should be able to join scenario’s and oRvR right from the get go. The fact that the Skaven zones would be under the exsisting zones would mean that there would be no need for new oRvR lakes, they could just “emerge” in these area’s through tunnels!

And the new Order army?

I wanted to have a go at another Order side as well but I think this has become quite a long read already. (Sorry about that.) More to come later, perhaps I’ll write about Lizardmen next, they feel like a good racial pairing with the Skaven.

What army would you like to see in WAR’s first expansion?


2 Responses to “WAR Expansion: Wishful thinking”

  1. January 19, 2009 at 15:16

    Your German is good enought ๐Ÿ™‚

    Skaven seems for me a good option for destruction. On Orderside it can be bretonian and / or wood-elfs.

    hope to see “wardancers” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Take care!

  2. January 19, 2009 at 16:16

    Danke Schon!

    The Wood elfs would be good because the same idea I had for underground tunnels for Skaven could be applied to Wood elves, rather then giving them a completely new area they could have forests connected to existing zones in which their first couple of tiers take place ๐Ÿ™‚

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