Slayers announced officially soon?

Slayers RAWR (click to embiggen)

Slayers in WAR RAWR! (click to embiggen)

My altholic days may soon be over!

Keen And Graev’s Gaming blog has received A Mysterious Package from Mythic Entertaintainment and the contents seem to tell a not very subtle story. The people in the comments agree: The Slayer will be announced to become one of the two new classes that Mythic still “owes” us probably before the month is over!

Between this new hint by Mythic and the GOA post linked to here by Werit it seems pretty obvious that it’s true. Woot! Or is it?

As a Warhammer Tabletop enthusiast I have to say that I had some worries when these rumors first emerged. I mean Slayers are “special” you can’t have 100’s of them running around and they should have permadeath and and and…

But then I read this thread about the Slayer and how the Age of Reckoning lore could be “bent” so Slayers could be a part of WAR and tbh, I’m convinced.

I’m SO leaving one character slot open for this!

Who else is gonna roll a Slayer? (if it turns out to be true that is!)


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