WAR: Age of Blogging, Blogroll

Blog Links, get it?Over the next couple of days I am going to go through this wonderful list that RP that way has posted. There are a couple of Blogs and Forumposts where the links are listed but the short descriptions of the blogs in that list really makes it easy to pick out the promising blogs.

I will go through the list because I love to find new and interesting blogs to add to my bookmarks (I’m too old and/or too dumb for an RSS reader). Also when I start reading a blog I will add it to my links on the right. —–>

Now I am not entirely sure what the etiquete is on Blogrolls and linkswapping etc. I hope it’s not a “I add you to my blogroll if you will add me” thing. That just feels a bit too much like MySpace in which the amount of friends you have there doesn’t really mean anything. I will keep my Blogroll filled with WAR Blogs that I read myself, which is partially limited by time and partially by my interest.

So as a result if this line of thinking I don’t expect anyone to just blindly return the favor if I add them to my Blogroll. If they like what I write (which I doubt will happen anyway) they should add me, not because I added them. I do hope I am not offending anyone by doing this and if I am, well I guess I won’t be showing up on your blogroll then.

So right now non of the “new” blogs are in my links I merely moved the ones I was already reading in there. You can see I gave the European blogs a spot of their own and this is because I read them first to see if there is any European/GOA related stuff on them before I move onto the US/worldwide blogs, just personal preference I guess.


1 Response to “WAR: Age of Blogging, Blogroll”

  1. 1 zizlak
    January 20, 2009 at 15:00

    I think it’s good to put only links on the blogroll of blogs you actually follow. I handle it that way, because it’s some sort of advertising and I only want to advertise for/promote stuff I like.

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