My guild gave me a banner!

Gotta love the rock handsign at the top!

For the first time in my gaming career I joined a language specific guild. I’m Dutch and I joined a Dutch language guild after I spotted one of those recruitment broadcasts in /1 by one of their officers. I thought what the heck, I don’t know anyone on this server and why not give it a try. I haven’t regretted it for a moment! The Dragonwake Templars are a nice guild in a big International alliance. Being able to write Dutch in guildchat and on the forum is kind of refreshing and with all the English I speak and write all day it is probably a good way to keep practicing as well! They don’t seem to mind my extremely slow progress and incurable altohism and they are just an extremely friendly bunch!

Yesterday the guild officers decided to give every active guildmember (over 40 I believe) a 2 gold “donation” to be used on buying a Banner. Their idea is that the things are so strong that they want to promote the use of them, and what a clever way to do it. The 2 gold bumped me just over 5 gold again (after my mount and some *cough* recolouring of my armor). But at their request I will refrain from buying my last name and will go experiment with a banner! More on that later! 

Now a quick scan of the forums have pointed out some weirdness surrounding banners. Because they have collision detection in RvR they can be used to block spots in keeps for example something which some people seem to think are exploits, while others don’t.


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