My Noobs (Part 1 of ∞)

My Noobs, let me show you them. A cookie for anyone who gets that meme-reference, two cookies for anyone not sad enough to get it.

I guess a good way to get my posts rolling on this Blog is by introducing my noobs (remember as long as my chars are not 40 they are all noobs, no offense to other noobs, I mean other non rank 40 chars out there!). That way if I start ranting about something that happened on one of my noobs you will know what/who I am talking about. I will also keep the “My Noobs” page (link in the top) updated as good as I can, and update it regularly as I roll new, and delete old noobs.

Dormir the Runepriest posing in front of an Organ Gun

Dormir the Runepriest posing in front of an Organ Gun

The first noob I would like to introduce to you is Dormir the Runepriest. In the WAR of Alts he is probably the main Alt, the head Alt, the Prime Alt.

He has just entered T3 but as he can still do Scenario’s and oRvR in T2 he has a bit of trouble leaving it at the moment. I think I’ll oRvR him to 22 and then bite the bullet and level him up a but more.

Dormir is a healer and although my playstyle on him mostly consists of hitting random heals while clicking on people who need healing in the Squared addon I believe I do an ok job of playing him.

In other MMO’s I have always started with a Ranged DPS class, then moved to a healer, and then ended up playing a tank. This time I started with a tank, got bored, and now I am enjoying healing in WAR a lot!

Come say hello to me on Karak-Azgal if you feel like it!


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