Hi! Welcome to my Warhammer Online Blog!

Thank you for visiting, I am Dormir (yes I know that that is the French word for sleep, don’t ask).

WAR Age of Blogging
blogbox1I have started this blog to take part in, and offer my support to, WAR: The Age of Blogging! You have probably found this blog via the same posts on the Blog Warhammer Forums that have gotten me to start it in the first place, how wonderfully ironic is that?! Or perhaps you have found this blog via the blogroll of one of my fellow WAR Bloggers in which case I would like to extend a hartfelt THANK YOU to that blogger!

To thank the WAR Blogging community for giving me the motivation to start this blog I certainly want to encourage you to visit any, nay, ALL of the blogs in my blogroll on the right!

Theme of WoA
Now one of the tips that were given when starting a new Blog was to have an “angle” before starting, to make sure your blog would stand out from the dozens of others. This is actually the reason I have started this “late”, I was thinking all this time about my “thing”, my angle.

And I think I have found it, all it took was for me to look at my play style. I am, or at least used to be, quite a hardcore MMO player but in WAR I have found that so many careers attract me and that on different occasions I’ll feel like playing different tiers. I have a character just starting Tier 3 now (Dormir, the name I use on this blog) but I also have characters all throughout Tiers 1 and 2. Sometimes I feel like playing a noob and sometimes I feel like playing a slightly different noob. Yeah as long as I don’t have a 40 yet I guess I’ll call them all noobs.

The European bit in the title of my blog is another “thing”. Since I am mostly active on the European servers Karak-Azgal (order) and Karak-Hirn (destro) with an occasional trip to Burlok some of my posts may not interest people who play on the Mythic servers. But hey first we have to find out if they will even interest people on the European servers!

So yeah that is what this blog will be about. Here you will read random ravings from an ex hardcore but now newborn alt-oholic, something that WAR seems to have turned me in to.


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