Oh Pwetty!

Ok I followed Syp’s awesome guide on how to set up a WordPress blog and then post on it. The page I had then was a bit bland, I was a bit dissapointed. Just thrawling through the options in WordPress though I quickly found the “Themes”. I was hoping I could upload a theme I downloaded on the web but for a free blog that would be a bit too much I guess. I found this really nice theme I’m using now though and although I once learned that light letters on a dark background are baaaaad I just like it so much (leave a comment if you don’t like it please).

Then I was left with a bit of a boring header, not to worry I still have an old version of Fireworks laying around somewhere (from back when it was still owned by Macromedia, omgz!) and using stuff from the Fansite kits I made the banner you see at the top of the page now.

Next up was adding some sites to my blogroll. For now I have taken the most prominent Blogs who are heading up WAR: Age of Blogging but I ran out of space, it seems to limit me to only show 10 of them, so I guess I will have to reshuffel them a bit later to make sure I have my favorites up there.

Then I started playing with “Widgets”, this is all still basic WordPress stuff that you get for free! I cooked up what you see on the right now and the coolest thing (in my book) is the RSS feed thing. I just used a text box and entered HTML in there to make that work. The image is another thing I am proud of although it only took a single Google image search and 2 minutes in Fireworks. (Edit: WAAAAH the RSS image is fugly in IE because it doesn’t seem to accept transparancy in PNG? Double U Tee Eff)

The result of all this is the page you see before you. I litterally spent all evening working on this but for the first time in a looooong time I’m actually a little proud of what I managed to “create”. So once again thanks to Syp and the others from Blog Warhammer for motiving me to do this, thanks for GOA for pointing me towards Blog Warhammer or I might not have known about it! And thanks to WordPress for being so easy to use!

Tomorrow I will write my first Warhammer Online related entry, and depending on how well it turns out I will introduce myself on the Blog Warhammer forums. I intend to update 3 times a week. Every other day essentially but right now I am bubbling with ideas, but I don’t want to burn out on the blogging thing, its such great fun so far and I don’t have a single reader yet!


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