Squig bait

So, I’ve been hearing that these here Shadow Warriors are a bit gimpy…

I’m not convinced that it’s not just the elven blues (elf players whine more – scientifically proven, 8 out of 10 cats agreed with me when I bribed them with cat food).

So, I have created one on Karak Azgal to see if it’s gimpy enough for me to play, and am a mighty level 5 already. However I’ve noticed one glaring thing that shows just how big of a bias the devs have towards order…

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The Straw

As in: The Last Straw

For the most part I have enjoyed my time in the Warhammer. I am happy to accept that in MMOs there is never perfection and the quest for balance is an ongoing process, rather than one big event that takes care of everything. My subscription runs out in a day or so and I won’t be renewing.

The part that has made it hardest for me to decide to continue  is the community. We’ve got a cracking good community and I’m proud of all the people in our alliance and partly because of one rarely mentioned thing: In all our time n the lead-up to WAR launch and in the time since then we have not once had a squabble that has led to a guild leaving the alliance. As player numbers have dropped, guilds have merged within the alliance into other guilds within the alliance. Placeholder toons have been put into the closing guilds and then removed from the alliance to make space for other players. Especially in our alliance we enjoy a lot of cultural and ethnic diversity in the people we play alongside which is an absolute treasure, especially some nights on voice comms.

So what was the last straw?

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Get orf moi laaaaand!

Something has been niggling at me about WAR, and it wasn’t till I read a post by Michael Hartman on brighthub that I realised what it was.

Note that I don’t agree by any means with everything Michael says in his article but one thing stood out and made me think “aha! that’s it!”.

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So, when not playing Warhammer…

I watch stuff like Chuck. I decided to redo the opening credits for a giggle:

I had planned to use my cover version of Cake’s Short Skirt Long Jacket for a future WAR vid but I couldn’t resist messing around with the opening credits. 30 secs of trippy and somewhat meatier sounds than the original opening credits. I didn’t bother to put the sound effects back in 🙂


March of the Magi

The video is successfuly uploaded to YouTube at last.

I bet by the end of it you are humming the tune the rest of the day 😀


My thanks

… to everyone that showed up in IC last night and on the other servers where people gathered. It seems Karak-Norn Destro had the biggest turnout and the videos floating around the intarwebs do not disappoint. Caz has made a good one, linky here:


My own is just finished, I’m about to check it over one last time and then I’ll be at the tender mercies of the YouTube uploader.


The Art of Babelfish

In the end I had to resort to Babelfish to get the Italian and Spanish translations done for Europe Stand Together, since I don’t really know a lot of people capable of doing the translation in the first place and the one person I know who can do both is currently 5000 miles away and uncontactable.

It didn’t seem appropriate to ask the GOA Community Managers to do it 😀

I shudder to think what mangled message is going across and what cultural nuances are being missed out. Fene kindly did the German translation and found loads of fox paws that needed to be removed. Salvion did the French one. So the Italian and Spanish translations are unleashed and goodness knows what they actually say. My language abilties are confirmed to be made of fail.


Coffee time.

<floats off to get a coffee>


Europe Stand Together!

To Order and Destruction on all European servers:

Monday 27th July, 7pm UK time / 8pm Server time:

Europe Stand Together!

Every Destruction player log a Magus on into Inevitable City.
Every Order player log a Shadow Warrior on into Altdorf.

Stand together for 30 minutes.

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I’m a bad goblin…

I have a manticore. It’s nice. It flaps its wings when I fall to my death (doesn’t actually save me from any damage but it looks cool) and it runs ever so slightly faster than the other mounts (which is great for running away!).

As well as these fringe benefits it also lets me infuriate the high level guild members who like to strut around in IC showing off their armoured mounts (by strutting around in IC showing off my winged mount ;)). But there’s a trade off – having one of these little beasties gets you an unending torrent of /tells (or /whispers or /sends or whatever you call them) – with people desperate to know how you got one…
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Mythic: Stand and Deliver

Well Mythic seem to have gone ahead and put 1.3.0b live. Its interesting how fast they turned this around after putting it up on the PTS. There was barely enough time for the Magus community to point out their devs had mistaken a single target spell for an AoE before Mythic blasted ahead and deployed it. What I personally take from this is that Mythic weren’t interested in feedback, only in checking that nothing was particularly broken this time out.  I’m trying to keep a straight face as I type the words ‘particularly broken’. The Magus has never been brilliantly effective. Want to know how it looks now? Some initial feedback from our US cousins:


Not pretty.

Mythic about now should be posting about how exciting this patch is. Its probably the kind of excitement that requires Leonard Cohen songs to fully express.

Its not live in Europe yet, I would expect that to happen tomorrow. It would be foolish to think Mythic don’t listen to feedback. ‘Listening’ of course is not the same as ‘acting upon’. Sanya Thomas has posted a very interesting article recently regarding feedback:


To the average Magus player, there has not been a single promise fulfilled. Always marginally effective, we’ve had to put up with vague promises and delivery dates from Day 1. A minor patch late last year brought our dreadful DPS up to just under par DPS and we were expected to make do.

This is how you treat your customers? Seriously, you think this is GOOD business practice? Enough talk. Enough bland videos with bad sunglasses. The jokes are getting old and stale. STAND AND DELIVER.

February 2023